5 Reasons Why You Should Start A News Blog For Income


When it comes to blogging for money or passion on the internet, news blogging is among top consideration. When its about passion, then your choice is already fixed. But when its about making money. You should seriously consider news blog for the following reasons.

Blogging for income - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start A News Blog For Income

1.) Command Of Traffic

There is hardly any other niche in blogging that commands more traffic than news. News blogs has the most traffic combined than any other niche. This is because everybody irrespective of your background, religion, location etc. wants to know what is happening around where they live or globally. And what drives success in online business is no other that traffic.

2.) Experience Is Not Necessary

Imagine wanting to start a blog on men or women’s health, you have got to have knowledge and experience. This is because you are providing practical solution to real life issues. No body will take you serious when information provided by you are not original and effective, especially not Google.

On the other hand, news blog or TV channels all over report same story all the time. The story might have originated from CNN for instance, but once it catches on, every news media is going to report it in their own way and quote CNN. In most cases, there will be several reporters on ground to cover the same story and the reporting is in the uniqueness of the write up.

Therefore with no single experience in journalism, you can start a news blog and report stories found online in your own unique way. Because of the current age we are in today, one of such best ways to publish news as a blogger is to report or publish in summaries. Whether you are giving credit because of story peculiarity or not, know that most young folks these days have no patience for too much long essays.

3. Monetization

Even if you are blogging for passion, there no one who would not appreciate a sizable amount of money in their account as extras. News blog convert well when it comes to monetizing your blog. The reason is obvious. All manners of people visits news blog from different location and such ads can easily convert. Whether you are using Google adsense or affiliate links for monetization, news blog will perform better than other niches with some exceptions.

4. Subscription Ease

People easily subscribe  to news blogs because they want to keep up with whats happening on daily or weekly basis. And everybody knows that subscribers equal money in your bank account. When your subscription is handled by email marketing companies like mail chimp or aweber, you can sell good products to your subscribers and profit big time from brands product launch audience outsourcing. A good amount of subscribers can easily turn you into a millionaire easily.

Therefore it is good and prudent that you choose your subscription platform carefully. Though if you have a sizable amount of subscription, it will certainly turn into cash, where you manage them will determine the amount you can make. You cannot compare the amount you can make from fifty thousand subscribers hosted on aweber to feedburner. Push notification is also excellent, but it falls short of control that the likes of mail chimp and aweber has.

5.) All Year Round Busy

News blog is not seasonal like some other niche that seasons may affect as well as other factors. Blogs on tourism, travel and tour, job listing, health, love and romance have seasons and factors that often triggers increased traffic. And such seasonal occurrences and factors are largely fixed. But a news blog has the factors that triggers increased traffic happening everyday. Its either a juicy celebrity gossip is happening or breaking news etc.

Where To Start A News Blog

There are many platform to start your news blog. You can decide to start with a free platform like blogger, or paid services like wix, webs, wordpress joomla etc. Of all the platform, we think that wordpress is the best because of its flexibility, ease of use and affordability.

How To Start Your News Blog With WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular platform to host your news blog. To start, you need to determine what hosting company and template to use. For template, we recommend newspaper theme by tagdiv because of its flexibility. After you have made the choice, you can design your news blog and start making money right away. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section and starting your news blog.

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