6 Ways on How to Get Followers on Instagram and Other Social Media Network


Before now, to become a millionaire you have to work your butt off in most cases. But the case is different today. With the advent of social media, you can become a millionaire and attain a “celebrity” status for free. That is why anybody can now become brand-influencer on social media and it does not matter whether you went to school or not. If you have active hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, you are already a “brand influencer” and company will call you on their own to advertise on your page.

instagram followers - 6 Ways on How to Get Followers on Instagram and Other Social Media Network

Social media is so powerful that butt naked girls can become social media influencers by just uploading suggestive photos and gathering followers. Therefore, social media is no longer just about making friends, its now a good business platform. For business owners, getting more followers means and translate into more business deals and sales. Businesses with good follower-ship don’t and cannot run out of sales and deals. Bellow are simple methods you can use to get more followers either as a business or individual.

  1. Be Regular And Consistent On Social Media

Social media is no search engine where you continue to gain traffic and visitors from post that are years old. You gain attention for what you post now on social media. Regular and consistent posting is what breeds followers. So ensure you are always posting what your followers will like.

2. Follow Social Media Influencers and Share Their Post On Your Wall

Don’t just follower the big fishes on social media, comment and share their posts regularly. When you comment on those with massive followers on social media, you get noticed by their numerous followers who will in turn follow you. If you drop an intelligent comment on their post, chances are that you might even get a good reply to your comment from them which will give you exposure. Some time, a reply from influencers can land in top news blogs viewed by million and even go viral. That is maximum exposure that can increase you followers substantially. Though not advisable, but some people even go negative on influencers to gain attention. However, ensure you stay positive and sincere in your comments.

3. Use Hashtags Where Appropriate When Posting

People follow hashtags on social media a lot. Hashtags are also among suggestions to follow on social media platform. By using valid hashtags, your posts appears among other posts with similar hashtags and expose you or your brand to more people which in turn will translate into more followers.

4. Respond To Your Followers

Responding to your followers comments keeps your page active and encourages more of your followers to get engaged with your posts. Increase in activities means increase in exposure and increased followers. When more followers like and share your content, more of them see your content and share to gain more exposure

5. Make Intelligent, Funny and Informative Posts

Social media is a place where people relax and sometime play away after a hard days work. That is why social media platforms record higher visitors and engagement in the evenings. Funny and intelligent posts always increase shares, likes and retweets etc from followers and others. This will give you exposure and attract more followers. Remember to follow this rule when sharing or re-posting influencers posts. Only share what is funny or interesting or informative. Those are the posts that will attract likes and share to give you exposure.

6: Participate in Social Media Trends

Social media platform like Twitter are excellent for this. Every now and then, trends of various kind pops up on social media. While some are just for fun, others are about life issues, people and events. What most people don’t know is that lots of people read trend posts without posting on the trend. Participating in trends will give you good exposure which in turn will increase your followers.

Final Word

Like every journey worth taking, be prepared for some bumping ride along the way. Don’t assume that you will automatically get thousands of followers overnight. If it happens, its a plus. But know that it will most likely take time. What is however sure is that if you follow the above methods, you will increase your followers with ease without buying followers that are in many instances fake.

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