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make money as Affiliate Marketer - Affiliate Marketing Online Career

When i first started to blog and search for ways to make money online. I have tried my hands on many methods to get some cool dough. Making money as an affiliate marketer is one of such ways i tried that stuck with me. Affiliate marketing success is primarily hinged on your ability to convince internet user to buy a product that they may or may not need but good for them. The reality of life is that we buy many things along the way that we may never need and the reason we buy them is because at the time, it just feels right. So, your ability to convince people to buy from you and continue to buy, makes you a good affiliate marketer. Now lets talk about what you need to be an affiliate marketer with no experience.

1.) Standard (Computer and internet connection)

We know that there are phones that can do anything this days and are more expensive than most computers, but when it comes to proper online business, a computer is a must have. In advance part of the world, internet is basically free, but for some, its expensive. No mater where you from, you need internet and a fast one at that to be successful because there is nothing as annoying as a slow internet connection.

2.) Product Research

Before you go creating a website to drive your sales or using a free method like youtube, the first thing you want to do is choose a product to promote. Since you will be selling products that belongs to other people, you will need to look at reviews of the product before you choose it.

Another thing you need to consider while choosing a product is whether there will be recurrent billing for the product or not. Products with recurrent billing will keep you paid again and again so they work better.

Another area for consideration is health or money making products. Products that has to do with health and money making will always sell till the end of time. Therefore, pick a product from this category to start with. A good start is weight loss/diabetes control and blogging for health and money making niche respectively.

3.) Create a Website or Youtube Channel For Your Products

After you have determine your niche and product to focus on, you will need to have a platform of your own to promote your products. This will make you have complete control over what you do.

a.) Website creation: Creating a website is not as difficult as you think. Especially the kind we are talking about. So get a $1 domain name from Godaddy and a good affordable host from name cheap. Visit places like youtube and get videos on how to create a website from scratch or get the services of a web designer to help setup your website.

b.) Create Youtube Channel: Affiliate marketers use website and youtube. However, most highly successful affiliate marketers on youtube use that medium alone. To set this up is simple, use your regular gmail account to create a youtube account. Read some articles or watch videos on how to create good youtube video. There are successful affiliate marketers, who really don’t create videos. All they do is use the product video for their marketing after editing and you can do the same for start.

4.) Register As An Affiliate

There are numerous places to signup as an affiliate. You can signup at Impact RadiusCommission JunctionShareASale or Clickbank. As an affiliate, you will be able to see products that will pay you the most commission per sale.

5.) Driving Sales And Getting Paid.

After you have picked your choice product/products, what you want to do is write a sales page for them on your site or create a marketing video about the product on youtube. Drive traffic to your site or youtube channel/videos with social media or Google ads and ensure you have email marketing in place for a most profitable business venture.

Share your thoughts with us on most easy ways you have used to make money online.

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