HTC White Screen Of Death

HTC White Screen Of Death, a lot to refer to them, is a common problem faced by HTC smartphone users. HTC white screen usually happens when we switch to our HTC phone, but it refuses to boot up normally and is stuck on a white screen or the HTC logo.

Such screens are often called an HTC white screen of death because the whole screen is white and stuck or frozen in that way. There are various ways to explore powering HTC. HTC white screen of death can be a cause of concern for many HTC smartphone owners as it prevents them from switching on their devices, let alone using it or accessing data stored in it.

HTC White Screen Of Death can be very confusing as many fears that there is no way out of it because the HTC white screen of death is entirely blank with no instructions to fix it or any options to choose from to move on further.

It is vital we get to know what is responsible for the HTC screen does freezes and what is the best HTC white screen fixing of death.

In the segment explained below, find out more about the HTC white screen of death, and we’ve also listed below 3 of its possible solutions.

·        Part 1: What can cause the White Screen Of Death On HTC?

·        Part 2: 3 Best Solutions to fix the white screen of death In HTC


·        Part 1: What can cause the HTC white screen of death?

HTC white screen of death has begun troubling a lot of HTC smartphone owners worldwide. People have always been suggesting that this problem is still a hardware problem and often end up filing a suit against the producers of these phones and most times also, they write against the manufacturer. However, this is not true. HTC white screen is not caused due to hardware damage or general wear and tear. It is evident that a software glitch that privets the phone from the boot. Sometimes, your HTC phone can get trapped on power on/off cycle. It makes your phone’s power on its own every time you manually switch it off, but, the phone never restarts completely and remains stuck on the HTC white screen.

Another possible option you can be responsible for the HTC white screen of death may be an update of this software carried out in the background where you may be unaware. Some upgrades are not required to be used as signal or notification updates but operate themselves to fix issues or bugs which are likely to threaten your device.

There are many other reasons for the HTC white screen of death to occur, but none of them may be listed as a sure shot reason for such a problem. So, it is essential for us to not to delay in applying any of the below steps to fix this problem if it occurs to your phone.

Continue Reading to find out about 3 of the most successful way to solve the HTC white screen of death problem.

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Ways To Fix HTC White Screen Of Death

·        Section 2: 3 Solutions to fix HTC white screen of death.

Solution 1. Restart your HTC smartphone

HTC white screen is a weird problem but can be fixed by using the old school’s technique of force switching off your device. This may sound too simple for such a significant problem, but experts and affected users can guarantee its credibility and effectiveness.

·        All you have to do is:

Turn off your HTC phone while it’s stuck on the HTC white screen of death by long pressing the power button.

You may need to hold them in for about 30 seconds or more, depending on how long your device lasts to identify the power off command.

Once it’s done and your phone is completely off, turn it on again.

Hold on to the power button again for about 10-12 seconds and wait for the device to boot normally.

In most cases, the HTC smartphone is moving on, and you can use it. However, if your phone plays nasty and does not stay closed, here’s what is expected of is:

Detach the battery first, in case the phone uses a battery removal, otherwise

Let the battery charge drain almost to nothing. Then plug your phone to the power source.

This should be another solution to fix the white screen problem, however, if it continues, read on.

  • Solution 2. Remove the memory card and paste it later

Smartphones running out of the internal storage space are ubiquitous, and HTC phones have no exceptions. Most of the HTC devices make use of external memory enhancers to store excess data on them.

If you too have a memory card on your device, here’s what you need to do as an HTC white screen of death fix:

First, Switch off your phone, remove the inserted memory card from the phone.

Then, switch on your phone back and give it a bit time to boot to the screen regularly.

If you notice that the phone restarts from the Home screen/lock screen, then insert the memory card again and mount it again.

Note: Ensure you turn off and turn on your device when you have inserted your memory card and other attachemetn of the phone to eliminate the risk of any future problems.

  • Solution 3. Reset the phone (two methods)

The two ways you can solve the HTC white screen of death issue are simple and easy to implement. However, now let us switch to some dangerous troubleshooting techniques in case the easy tips and tricks do not help.

There are two options to deploy this method to fix the HTC white screen of death.

First, Follow the instructions provided in the screenshot below to enter recovery mode.

When you are there, use the volume keys to get off the “Recovery” option.

Use the power button to select “Recovery” and wait patiently.

Once the recovery process is completed, restart your phone by long pressing on the power button.

This method is useful and completely safe as it does not lead to any data loss. Even if you seem to be losing your contacts, etc., do not worry that they have all backed up in your Google Account.

The second way to reset your HTC phone is risky and causes loss of essential data, if not backed up. Often reified as a Hard Reset or Factory Reset and deletes all the files that may break and causes the HTC white screen of death glitch. To factory reset your HTC phone:

When you are in the Restore Mode, select “Factory reset” from the listed options.

Now, wait for the device to reset all settings and delete all data and files.

Once it’s done, the phone automatically switches off and reboots itself.

This method is tedious and risky but is a handy HTC white screen of death fix. So think about it before you try it.

In a day and age where science and technology are at its boom, nothing seems impossible. Similarly, the HTC white screen or HTC white screen of death is not a problem that cannot be dealt with.


Conclusion On [Fixed] HTC Stuck On White Screen of Death

So, before you consider getting your HTC phone to a technician, use the techniques explained above, which will work very well as an HTC white screen of death fix. They are used and recommended by people for their reliability, safety, and reliability. So go ahead and try them now.

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