Top 10 Free Movie Apps for Android – Entertainment is another part of life, we work all day long to earn a living quite right, but there are times we take off from work and what do we do with those times? Its either we take rest or get entangled with something that would refresh you. In other words keep you entertained, in the absence of such, life would just be as boring staying in an African prison alone.

For you not to get such experience you practically need things that would aid you to get the very best entertainment you deserve.

Although, these days most of the things that get you entertained extort money from you either little or much, but here is the thing, do you know that there are kinds of stuff out there that can grant you access to unlimited entertainment without getting anything from you?

Sure there is, and when speaking of entertainment, there are absolutely lots of stuff that can get you entertained such as games, movies, music and lots more, but for today we are going to be focusing our attention mainly on movies as an entertainment, and what are we actually driving at?

There are lots of people out there who love to watch movies at leisure times, at least that would get a bit of burden off them, but most of the times, you may likely not find yourself in the comfort of your home while taking a break off work, but there is sure your mobile device with you, therefore you can get the very best of free entertainment you need from your Android device by watching movie from apps that are dedicated to offering you movies.

The bitter aspect of it all is that most of these apps that are for watching movies on your mobile devices require monthly subscription before they can grant you the true entertainment you deserve, but the question there is, why must you pay for happiness? Or rather say, should you always pay for things to get you happy? If the answer should be No, then there is a way out, today we bring to you the top 10 best free movie apps for android.


  • Free movie download tips

Are you the type that loves watching movies on the go? No problem, we have got you covered; to watch movies on your hand-held devices such as your Android smartphones or tablet online, you would practically be required to store up some movies or probably stream movies making use of various services.

When it comes to cases of storage that has to do with large video files, you rather have to convert them into another format which is supported and also reduce the size in order to download multiple movies or videos on your android devices, but come to think of this, getting all this done could be time consuming you know?

Why not get an alternative?  Like streaming videos or movies that are already been optimized for mobile devices instead of having to go through optimization stress all alone? Actually, we have got right here the easy way out for you, now what is required of you to do?

The absolute best choice you could ever get is to download apps that grants you the access of watching free movies through series of on-demand video apps made available from well-known movie streaming services such as Google play movies and movies by Hulu, Hulu Plus, Flixster, Netflix and lots more.

This brings us to our main topic, all the above-mentioned movie streaming apps get a monthly subscription from you, why not try out the various sets of free movie app for android we have got right in stock for you? As they are considered the best when it comes to free movie streaming, you can as well download movies for your Android devices on these apps. I presume you would love them, and of course, why won’t you love them? Despite the fact that they offer you free movie streaming and download for your devices?

  • Top 10 free movie apps for Android

Do you want to get the best free movie app for Android? Here they are;

  • Crackle

[caption id="attachment_2384" align="alignnone" width="400"]images 22 - TOP 10 FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID Crackle: Free Movie App – Best Free Movie App for n[/caption]

Here we have the number one most popular free movie app for your android devices. How does this app work? Well, Crackle grants you access to watch full-length video clips as well as movies, TV shows and Hollywood movies on your mobile device, isn’t that great? On this platform, there are basically hundreds of movies to be watched which will definitely get you entertained, some of the movies stored up on this platform include the likes of S.W.A.T, STRANGER THAN FICTION, AND LOTS MORE.

Interestingly, new contents are added on the platform every month, so what more can you ask for? More also, apart from the Hollywood movies, you stand to watch full TV series episodes, and I believe most of you out there would love it.

  • How do you get this app on your device?

Good question, now the answer is, this app is available on the Google play store, therefore, you can log in to Google play store, search for Crackle- Movies & TV download and install on your device, and you are all set and ready to go.

  • Showbox (Android)

[caption id="attachment_2385" align="alignnone" width="299"]download - TOP 10 FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID Show Box: Free Movie App – best free movie App for Android[/caption]

Here we have another free movie app available for Android users, this free movie app is also considered one of the best free movie app with a fascinating user-friendly interface. On this platform, there is easy access to watching movies and all sort of video clips, shows, TV series as well as reality shows.

This app also grants you easy navigation access as well as allows you to stream videos from third party websites without stress or disturbances. Amazingly, this platform fully supports HD movies, which would definitely get you the best movie and video views, and that is noted as the joy of watching a movie.

What happens if your device is a high end? Well am happy to announce to you that you can also stream full HD (1080p) videos on your device, but note, that would only be done when your device is a high-end device, and what do I mean by high-end device? Your device must be equipped with full HD graphics display to enable you to get through this.

However, this is also applicable to small android, you are given the permission to download movies without getting to pay, more also, and the platform is equipped with benefits such as allowing you to download at the same time store up contents for offline use later.

To download this free movie app for android, also get across to Google play store, search for Show Box for Android, then download and install, and you are as well good to go. For more current updates click HERE

  • Mega Box HD

[caption id="attachment_2386" align="alignnone" width="400"]images 23 - TOP 10 FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID Mega Box HD Free Movie App[/caption]

The Mega Box HD happens to be a new free movies android app, but despite the fact being new, it has attained the height of success as being one of the best free movie apps for Android.

This app is quite similar to the previous app discussed “Show Box”. Amazingly, this app is very small in size; it is just an app of 1.8 MB which wouldn’t take much space on your mobile device.

Despite being small it entails great features, and what are these features? This app allows the users to stream free movies and videos on their devices, offering them two quality options which are; 360p and 720p.

However, users are also granted the access of downloading titles from this very app “Mega Box HD” app and store up on their Android devices for future watch.

Downloading this app also requires you go to the Google play store.

  • Cinema Box

[caption id="attachment_2387" align="alignnone" width="257"]images 24 - TOP 10 FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID Cinema Box HD[/caption]

On this list, we also have the Cinema Box free movie app for Android, this free movie app for Android is also considered one of the best movie apps you can definitely get stocked up with as it entails exceptional features from the rest, and these features include; Chrome cast support, offline mode, subtitle support, and lastly Kid’s mode.

Isn’t that awesome? Sure it is, but the problem caught up with this app is that it hasn’t be uploaded on the Google play store for downloads, which thereby makes it a bit complicated to download, but it is sure available for downloads, however, there has been a step by step tutorial on how to get the app downloaded and installed on your Smartphone.

  • Newest Movie HD

[caption id="attachment_2388" align="alignnone" width="320"]images 25 1 - TOP 10 FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID Newest Movie HD: Free Movie App[/caption]

Making use of the Newest Movie HD on your Android mobile device, there is no need for subscription as it is laid out absolutely free. You have access to download movies and videos on your mobile device making use of this app.

The app is quite basic and also considered one of the best free movie apps you can definitely get, but the disadvantage thereof in this app is that you are not granted the access to stream and download videos or movies in different qualities, which implies that there is a default quality made do with on this app and you might have to put up with that if you are using this app.

More also, the app might actually get you all confused in terms of making choices of movies t stream or download as it is organized in a different selection of genres as well as categories. This app is made available in the Google play store for downloads.

  • Flipps HD

This app happens to be another great free movie app for Android devices as it also grants you the access of streaming videos as well as movies and other shows on your Android device, but the problem on this one also is that it only paves the way from streaming but doesn’t allow downloading of movies or videos.

Nevertheless, you can still put up with this app if you definitely have no reason to store up watched movies or probably movies you want to watch on your device since you are allowed to watch them instantly on your mobile device, moreover, if the app is not considered as one of the best free movie apps for Android, it definitely won’t be found on this list. To download this app, you should also visit the Google play store.

  • Viewster

Diving down the list, we have another great free movie app for your android device tagged Viewster. This app is known as a highly popular movie streaming app which gives you access to watch movies online, however, on this platform, there is absolutely no need for account creation or sign up in order to watch movies on your Android device, more also, navigating through this app is made simple and easy.

This app is noted to have lots of documentaries as well as flick to give you the best entertainment experience, Viewster is made compatible with Chrome cast. Downloading this app also requires you to travel down to the Google play store.

  • Hubi

Hubi is another platform made available for Android devices, which allows you to stream videos and movies online as well as download them on your mobile devices without having to pay a dime just as the rest on this list.

However, Hubi is known to collect the downloads and provide you the links to their server in order to ensure faster downloads. To download this app, visit the Google play store.

  • YouTube

YouTube is another popular free movie app for Android if not the most popular as it is widely known and talked about, as a matter of fact, this app is installed on most Android devices which makes it a whole lot easier for you, but in case your Android devices do not have the app installed already, there is absolutely no need for panic as it can also be gotten in the Google play store.

This app as we may likely all know, allows you to stream videos and movies on your device as the movies are considered to be stored in their database, so you have different varieties of movies you can watch.

  • Tubi TV

Checking this app from the Google play store, this app is rated 4.1 which implies that lots of users endorsed this app for use, but in order to make use of this very app, your device’s Android version is expected to be nothing less than Android version 4.0.4. if luckily your Android version is way past that or probably the same, then you are definitely good to go.

One of the features of this app is that it categorizes movies according to their classifications, such as Drama, Action, Kung-Fu, Comedy, and so on. However, the collections of movies on this app are noted to be updated at regular intervals.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Free Movie App for Android

Watching movies on your devices just got a whole lot easier with the presence of the outlined free movie app for Android devices. You can now henceforth enjoy movies as well as download them without having to pay for them.

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