How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook


If you own a business or run a website of whatever niche, you may want to consider advertising. We all know that the sole aim of all advertising is to promote or boost sales. You may use various tactics in your promotion, but all of that is aimed at increasing sales and deals. Consequently you may want to know how to advertise your business on Facebook.

Therefore, in creating your ads, the main aim is to direct the message to the right people. One platform to place ads and get amazing result is Facebook. Facebook shares and income are not increasing by accident. They are increasing because people get high conversion when they advertise on the social media giant platform. Make no mistake about it, if you don’t create your ads right by targeting the right people and using right keywords for your ads in creating your ads, you will fail badly. Bellow is a better way you can create high converting Facebook ads.

Define Your Campaign Aim

Immediately you open your Facebook page and click promote button on the left hand sidebar, you will see a popup of campaign options. Lets examine them briefly to see which is best for us per time.

facebook ads - How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Boost a post

This kind of campaign has a post you publish on your page as its landing page. Meaning that all activities from this ad should end on Facebook page. What this means is that, the post must contain exactly what you want to advertise and the necessary contact information where applicable. Though this does not preclude you from adding an external link, it is best you have all your content well laid out in the post or video post. This is because majority of people will likely not click external link to you website from the post subject to certain qualifications.

Promote your Page

This deals with boosting or increasing your Facebook page likes. The aim of this campaign is not just to make people know about you, but for them to like your page. This will have multipliers effect on sales when you have good engagement with your posts. When you make a post, people who like your page get to see your shared content subject to their level of engagement to your activities. Facebook feels that, if a user is not engaged with your posts, he or she is probably not that interested though they already liked your page. The point is likes increase engagement and that can increase sales.

Get More Website Visitors

The aim of this campaign is to get visitors to your website. You have created your product page on your website, then you drive traffic to it with this kind of campaign. You can sell, collect emails or phone numbers with this kind of campaign on your website. This is because you can control visitors navigation on your site the way you deem fit.

Get More Leads

This last option is primarily about getting contact information of those interested in your product. You can collect name and email or phone numbers to follow up purpose. This is recommended because it has the highest conversion rate if done right. Once you have contact of people interested in your product or services, convincing to deal will naturally come easily if you do this right.

After you have determine your ad option, the next most important step is audience targeting.

Targeting Your Audience

The success of your ads on Facebook literally depends on your targeting. If you are targeting the wrong category or class of people, you will see little or no success. Targeting is everything. In creating your ads, try to use search keywords from Google or very catchy phrases. Then ensure you target right age range, location, behavior and interest.

facebook advertising - How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Make sure you edit and chose your own audience targeting. Targeting friends of those who like your page or those who like your page is only advisable if you have a sizable amount of likes and also depends on what your promotion is about.

facebook advertising targeting 2 - How To Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Make sure you select the right interest, or use Facebook suggestion to select what is right. When choosing age, think carefully, never base your your conclusion on assumptions, but on data and research. With a little digging around on Google, you will find that the right information as to the class of people interested in your product is no big secrete.


Its not enough to have money for yours ads. Throwing money around will not make ads convert. But creating ads based on well researched data and a good landing page will produce the right result. Facebook ads can turn your business around in a matter of days, but it has to be done right. You can reach millions of people hungry for your product or service via Facebook awesome platform.

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