How To Customize an Android One –“Style is the man himself” goes a very popular saying. The way you design your phone to suit yourself tells more about who you are. The number one thing to change if you want to customize your phone is;
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If you want a plain Android One phone, Android one phones are the best to purchase. Android one phones are simple and easy to use while to some, android one phones are complicated because they’ve not been able to concentrate to customize their phones to suit their styles.

let us take a look at How To Customize Android One Phones in different ways

  • Your Wallpaper

Getting to Know How To Customize Android One Phones, there are already installed wallpaper Android One Devices which might be able to suit your taste or mood. All you need do is to go through them and create your wallpaper. Before choosing a wallpaper for your Android One device, you need to know the correct screen resolution that would be able to accommodate the wallpaper you want to use. To know the correct screen resolution of your Android One phone, you just have to do a screenshot of your home page, head to Google photos and click on the three dots on the upper right hand; click on info and you can scroll down to view your screen resolution. 

Another essential techniques on How To Customize Your Android One Phones is the font and display size. This entails how you want your text to appear: whether big, small or medium. Do you want the font design to be in italics, bold or normal? To change these settings, you can head on to your phones settings, there you would see varieties of options, click on display and boom, and you can choose whatever style that matches your taste.

  • Font and display size

Most Smartphone users love Android One phones in its entirety and in order to make their device extremely fun, they download the “launcher” app. There are various launcher apps available.

Would you also like to know the best Android one launcher?

  • Microsoft Launcher

This is mostly for Microsoft lovers , it is majorly for the windows 10 phones. It is meagerly different from specific android phones. The features of this launcher include; the cortana and a unique home.

  • Nova Launcher

This is a very popular android launcher. it looks normal but has certain features like the introduction of the seven icons in the home screen, the three different app drawers you can choose from and also the removal of some texts icons below the screen.

  • X Launcher

On Your Android One Device, the X Launcher gives a more iphone like look and has some features of the ios look. The Control Center is impressive: swipe up and you’ll see toggles for features, and a brightness slider, that look just like those on an iPhone.

  • Change an icon shape

This style of customization is not generally available on every android one phone but it is an easy way to point out a great visual for software.

Conclusion on How to Customize Android One to Suit Your Style

There you have the very detailed explanation and information you essentially need on How To Customize Android One to Suit Your Style.

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