How to Make Money Online Legally (3 Top Ways)



When it comes to how to make money online, many bogus claims are common. Terms like “how i made $500 daily with two hours work” or “$1000 daily auto blogging, etc.  As promising as many of them may sound, they are totally unrealistic. That is not denying the fact that you can make thousands of dollars daily online. As a matter of fact, you can make over $5000 daily online, but you cannot get there overnight. It takes years of hard work and dedication to arrive at that destination.

Make money - How to Make Money Online Legally (3 Top Ways)

Therefore, if you hear or read somewhere on how to make $5000 or $10000 daily doing Gods knows what for five hours, know that it is totally unrealistic. But if you are looking at online income on the long term. You will want to dedicated and build a business for your self online. Here are ways to achieve that.

Forex Trade

Forex trade is a way many people make good income online. I know that most people will give you tales of how they lost their money trading Forex, but Forex is actually lucrative.

The reason why so many fail in Forex is because they have limited knowledge of how the market works. Often they are introduced into the market by some half baked tutors who think themselves gurus and knowing nothing. Those who are busy making good money from the Forex market don’t have time to go about training people.

To make it in the Forex market, you need to equip yourself with adequate knowledge. Knowledge will make you successful before you begin. Try demo trading a strategy for months and see how much profit you make from it. If you cannot make money/profit with a demo account consistently, there is no way you will make it in a live account. Don’t be in a haste to make the money. Test a method to see its success in the practice market before going live. Know also that a large account with small lot cannot run out. So chances are that even if you don’t have a good enough knowledge, a large account can save your account from been blown out.

Therefore, study about the market, practice, practice and practice. When you have become successful with practice account, only then can you try out your strategy in the live market.

Buy And List Domain For Sales

Another way to make good money online is buying and listing domain names for sale online in an auction market. The practice is almost automatic and does not require spending hours online. The idea is to register domain names that people will likely search for to register. Whether individual or corporate companies. Here, you can sell a domain you purchased for less than $2 for over $10,000 and sometime over a $100,000.00.

Godaddy Auction, Flippa Marketplace, Sedo Marketplace, NamePros Forum, NameCheap Marketplace, Efty Website, eBay Marketplace, BrandBucket Website, are among places you can list your domain for sale without hassles. If you are in luck you could be smiling to the bank in a matter of days. But in most cases it takes a lot of patience to sell for top dollar.

So if you have a $100 dollar today, you could research into this and start right away. Who knows if you can come up with the name that will earn you $100,000 in a flash.

Make Money Blogging

Making money by blogging is the most traditional way of making money online. There are hundreds of thousand of blogs in various niches all over the world on the internet. The operators are the one that make your life simple when searching for information on any topic online, or you just want to read news or apply for a job.

Blogging involves setting up a website on a particular topic or multiple topics to pass information across to internet users. For your effort, you make money via Google adsense, affiliate links, products sales, direct ads and so much more. Blogging is a formidable method o making money online if you apply hard word and patience. There are so many multi millionaire bloggers in the world to motivate you to follow in their foot steps and become successful just like them. Internet users are growing every day and so is the opportunity to make good money online.



Making money online is just like starting a normal business in your local. It require planing, dedication and patience. When your online business finally flies, you will be amazed at the ease with which the money comes. Don’t let anybody deceive you, online income is not a walk in the park as some may suppose. It is for serious minded people who want to commit and earn big without having to leave the comfort of their home.

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