How To Prolong Your Smartphone Battery while Traveling – Smartphone or mobile device can be tagged a great companion to human in life as they are always keeping the company of humans when there is no one around to interact with, and for this reason, everyone wants a longer battery life for his/her mobile devices especially while traveling.

Today we are going to bring you the Steps on How To Prolong Your Smartphone Battery While Travelling.

Moving either to a long or short distance might be considered the most boring activity for some people. While some love traveling a lot but notwithstanding, going without something to keep you company especially when you are traveling alone is sure the most boring activity as all you may probably do is sleep.

If you are a type that loves traveling a lot, why not try getting acquainted with your mobile device and catch more fun than just getting to look around?

And if you happen to be the opposite of the previous set of people mentioned, you should also buy the idea, but there has been one major problem related to traveling with your smartphone to keep you company, which happens to the battery life or capacity of the device you have.

so how do we solve this problem, right in this article we will get to know the following;

· Steps by Steps guide to Prolong your mobile device battery capacity

· Steps by Steps guide on how to Prolong your Smartphone battery life while traveling

· Essential Steps to take to prolong your battery life

· Advanced stages on how to extend battery life

Apart from the fact that you would like your mobile device to keep you company, you would like to get in contact with your people either to get the actually location of where you are heading to or to give them a confirmation of you getting to your destination, therefore, this article would be a lot useful to everyone even if you are not traveling, you can also get to make use of these tricks to get your battery life prolonged.

As humans, mobile devices are giving the capability of getting an impressive accomplishment on tasks, but it happens that they are constantly at work, they would go drain, and as much as we have gained experienced with draining and drained battery life, it is an ugly and sad experience. But there are things you could to get your battery life preserved before you could get it charging.      


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There are two categorized at which you could preserve your Smartphone battery life before you could get to charge your device, and these two ways could be used depending on how you want it or depending on your Smartphone Battery life. The two ways are as follows;

· The basic step to prolonging your battery life and

· The advanced step to prolonging your battery life.

· The Basic

Coming up first will be the basic ways of getting your device’s battery life preserved, also in this segment, there are steps to be taken to achieve the full basic classification, what do I mean? Under this Category, we would provide you what to do on your mobile device to get you what you want.

  • Step One – Turn Down the Brightness

To give your smartphone Battery an extended battery life, you would be urged to turn down the brightness of your device, doing this is just as simple as it is being said. Commonly on Android devices, you can easily turn down the Brightness of your device via the notification bar while some could be elsewhere, but always at the settings menu, but if you actually don’t have an idea of what I am trying to pass across right now, here is what I mean, decreasing the brightness of your device, navigate to phone settings >> click on Display >> Click on Brightness >> and there you can adjust the brightness of the device. This applies to all devices including iOS devices. This is considered one of the easiest ways to preserve your battery life as it has been proved that turning down the brightness of your device makes a difference, aside turning down the brightness, you can as well set the brightness to be Automatic, here is the tip, under the same settings menu where you are able to lower the brightness of the device, you are also provided an option of “Auto-brightness”, what does this do? This helps to dim the brightness of the screen automatically when you are in a dark setting and also vice versa.

  • Step Two – Mind the Apps you use

As technology keeps advancing, lots of Apps are being developed, and a lot of them are battery consuming especially Video games and apps with heavy graphics and audio sounds. To get a great experience with your smartphone devices, it is considered a normal routine to get these apps installed on your device and make use of them to keep you company, but what happens when the battery life of your device isn’t great, and probably you are expecting a call or a message? Well, the best thing to do at this stage which is considered a basic step to get your device battery life prolonged is to save the apps for when you have enough battery percentage to run them. What do I mean? Here is what I mean saving these apps for later use, requires you close them completely rather than minimizing them. Do you know why these apps can’t be minimized? Well, they can’t be minimized because apps that are stealthily running in your device’s background are considered to drain battery, however, to get this done, it involves different button commands which varies depending on the device you make use of, generally, if you know your device’s minimization button or calibration, that would get the job done, then you can go ahead and clear out all running apps on the device as they would all be listed out there, but if you happen not to know how to get this done, here you have what to do;

Generally, hold down the Home button of your device, and you will get the apps running at the background, and you can clear them out.

For other devices, you can tap the square button or calibration you find on your device once or hold it down depending on the device. These two methods should do when you want to check out for running background apps, on getting this, ensure all apps are cleared out from the list by tapping the “ X “sign located at the top right corner of every app icon.

  • Step Three – Turn Off the Wi-Fi Connection

In cases of having your device’s Wi-Fi connection active, your device tends to make use of more battery life as it tries as much as possible to locate an active hotspot to get connected to, although, this process might be a huge money saving process I tell you, it’s not a great idea to have the connection turned on as it drains the battery. I presume you all should know how to get this done but if not, swap down the face of your device, and you will get the notification bar, locate the Wi-Fi icon and turn it off or you can as well go through a long process by using the settings menu.

  • Step Four – Turn on Airplane Mode (Optional)

If you are preserving your battery life in case of an important call, or probably you would have to make a call along the way while traveling and you have a limited battery life, then you can ignore this option to receive and make calls. Active connections and signals are considered battery drainers as they work tirelessly until the phone is off in search of network signals, therefore, having to preserve your battery life furthermore, you can switch on the airplane mode. Airplane mode practically renders your device blind from network signals. Here is a useful tip, if you actually have to preserve your battery life while traveling, you can turn airplane mode on if you get to an area you notice the network is inferior so as to give more boost, or probably if you know you aren’t expecting any important call and the distance you still have to go is far, you can get the airplane mode active.

  • Tip – Download A Battery Saving App

Here is an advisable tip to get you going, if you actually have all the games, and other apps on your mobile device closed and still find out your battery keeps getting drained, then, you might have to get a battery saving app to track down the performances of your device and check out why the battery keeps draining or which app is draining your battery without your knowledge. Getting the best battery saver app could also be another problem as all the battery saving apps out here are not truly saving your battery life but also compounding the problem, therefore, if you want the beat battery saver performances, try out the following battery saving apps;

· Better Battery Stats

· Battery HD+

These two apps are the apps we trust to get this job done.

Check out the Advanced procedures to prolong your smartphone Battery Life

  • The Advanced

After trying out all the basic steps and you still want more, probably the battery conservation isn’t enough, try out the advanced fixes to get you the ultimate battery saving techniques.

  • Step One – Turn Off The Location Services

This may sound weird but actually another useful tip to preserve your battery life, here is the point; Location services are known to make use of GPS technology to get your actual and current location, in other words, the location services allow your Smartphone to determine your precise location, however, this service is useful in some aspects, some apps may request it and you may also make use of it if you are actually not sure about your current location while making use of Google Map or Apple Map. If you are sure not to make use of the location services for a while when you need your battery power to be preserved, then, you can do well to turn off the services. How do you get this done? Swipe down your screen and locate the location icon and ensure it is turned off.

  • Step Two – Reduce Push Notifications For Apps

Getting notified at every instant when you have a new message via your social media platform can be great as it gets you connected always, but here is the deal between these notifications and your battery life, the more they come the more battery life it drains, therefore, to avoid this, ensure notifications are turned off, or you limit the notifications for the important apps you have. How do you go about this? This can be done via the apps in question by navigating to the settings of the app and turn off notifications, for instance, Facebook messenger; the notification can be turned off at the settings menu.  

  • Tip – Use Of Battery Boosting Accessories

This could work even if your device is down completely, what are the accessories in question? You can make use of Power Banks to boost your device if draining and you can also make use of it if the device is finally down to get it back up to work. In this case, there would be no need to ride along with stuff like enabling airplane mode and others as your device would continually receive power boost while working.

Conclusion On Steps On How To Prolong Your Smartphone Battery While Travelling

All the steps, as well as tips mentioned or laid out in this article, would require the help of one another to give you the best result, take for instance when your battery is draining, and your power bank is drained already due to the limited power supply, what would you do? Of course, you have to opt-in for the best power saving mode which has also been laid out for you, therefore, to give your Smartphone battery the best-prolonged life, put all steps and tips into action.

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