How to Unlock Power Lock Car Doors 2019

How to Unlock Power Lock Car Doors 2019: Step By Step Guide – you might not really know the usefulness of having a spare key for your car and other properties until you find yourself in a tight situation such as getting locked out of your vehicle, which could probably be due to the fact that you locked your car keys inside the car or your car keys go missing. Well, today, we bring you the step by step guide on How to Unlock Power Lock car Doors. You being in this particular situation know how embarrassing and difficult the case can be, nevertheless, all that will be bygone henceforth. You might be wondering how it could ever be possible to get into that car of yours without the keys; it’s possible guys regardless of the car model or brand, you can regain access in your vehicle without the keys. Before we get going, let’s give you the highlights of what you should expect to find answers to in this article, they are also the most frequently asked questions as regards this topic;

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Those right up there are what you are going to get answers to in this article, now that we are done introducing you the things you are going to get from this article, let’s get going.


The locking device or mechanism of different varieties of cars tend to vary widely; meanwhile, all newer models of vehicles are known to have power locks coming with remote controls to open them, while older models or species of cars are known to be opened manually. Some are noted to have locking knob at the door top by the window, while others have theirs by the handle used for opening the car from the inside, therefore, before you get on the road to car unlock, make sure you get to know where the to unlock mechanism of your door is cause, its going to determine the steps you are to take from the list of methods that we would be laying out right here later on in this article.
Here we are guys, we have different methods to get things done, we are going to layout the hosts of techniques we have, and you now have to make your choice finding a suitable one to get the situation fixed.
  • #1. Method 1: Using Shoestring
Sounds awkward, right? You might be wondering how to go about using your shoestring to get that ca of yours unlocked, thinking that it has a sturdy lock mechanism, but this could actually be helpful for you guys, and this could be the most likely tool you may have on you right now, therefore, make use of it. You remember when I say you should get to know your car door lock mechanism. Now, this method works for the locking mechanism that gets unlocked by pulling them up. Here is how to get it done using your shoestring, you will need to tie your shoestring in such a way that it has a small loop in the middle and when placed around the locking mechanism can be tightened. After this, work the string into the car interior through the space where the door meets the car’s exterior, get the loop hooked around the lock, tighten the loop and pull the string up. Now you have your vehicle unlocked. Nevertheless, it may take a while to get this done since you are doing this for the first time, but would work. And if you can’t seem to handle this method, try the methods below, one would surely get your locked car opened.
  • #2. Method 2: How to Unlock a Car Door with a Hanger
Do you want to know How to Unlock a Car Door with a Hanger? Well, This method happens to be one method am sure of. However, it may also take much of your time if you are going to try this for the first time. Here is how to get it done. Get a wire hanger, untwist the hanger, and make a hook that would be able to go through the weather stripping in the window. In as much as you know where your locking mechanism is, target the area and jiggle the hanger till you have your car door unlocked. Meanwhile, this method works out pretty well for cars with horizontal lock mechanism since you would be working on the locking mechanism inside the door and moreover, you are not aiming to pull or push any button. If you don’t know where your car’s locking mechanism is, you can as well try to Google it to find out and choose the perfect method. However, if you are not the wire hanger type, you might want to check out another option we have got for you below.
  • #3. Method 3: How to unlock a Car Door With a Screwdriver or Rod
[caption id="attachment_2826" align="aligncenter" width="400"]How to unlock a locked car - HOW TO UNLOCK POWER LOCK CAR DOORS- STEP BY STEP GUIDE How to unlock a locked car[/caption] You want to know how to Unlock a Car Door with a Screwdriver and steel rod? Here is what to do. Get a Philips head screwdriver and a steel rod (Any pole-type instrument that seems study will also do). Now after getting these materials set, use the screwdriver to pry open the car door slightly, then get the rod in and push the unlock button, and you have your car door unlocked. NOTE: Be Cautious of this method as metal objects could damage your Car.
  • #4. Method 4: Using a Slim Jim
I don’t mean the beef jerky kind, am talking of the car versions of slim jim that must have been used in one of the movies you may have watched to break into a car; it works, it’s not just a movie. Meanwhile, this method can work for just the older style of the lock mechanism; you have to go through the same process just as you would make use of a wire hanger to get the door unlocked. Get the slim jim inside the door and work the lock mechanism.
  • #5. Method 5: Using an Inflatable wedge
This method will help you avoid damaging your car as it makes use of air to force the door open and using a metal object such as a screwdriver. Get the wedge to create enough space to create access for a tool, probably could be a stick, rod, or wire hanger. All you practically need is patience and a steady hand to get it done. Works fine for a pull or push lock mechanism.
  • #6. Method 6: Using a plastic strip
To get your car unlocked with this method, get a long plastic strap that is bent in half, slid it through the crack of the door and work the lock mechanism, this method is suitable for the pull-up forms of lock as well as lock mechanism inside the car that can be triggered with a stick, access tool or rod.
  • #7. Method 7: Using a Tennis Ball
Funny right? You may also wonder how you could make use of a tennis ball to unlock a car door, well, this method happens to be the most relaxed and most debated methods for getting your car unlocked. However, this method has over a million viewers on Youtube, so, if you can’t seem to get through it by instructions, you can as well go on to youtube to watch this method unlock a car door. Here is how to go about this; get a tennis ball and make a hole in the shot, a heated electric drill or screwdriver could help you get that done, after this, place the tennis ball with the hole created over the keyhole of your car door and push, the pressure emanated would force the door open.
  • #8. Method 8: Using the Police or Security Assistance
If you can get past the unlocking techniques you have right above, following the fact that you can’t seem to get any of the above methods done correctly, you can as well make use of the assistance of the police or security. This method appears legal and great, who knows, they may have a car opener toolkit at hand, any which way, they would get it done for you if you have reached the services of the right security personnel. RELATED TOPICS: HOW TO SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS 10 [UPDATED TIPS]- TOP 5 METHODS HOW TO SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS 10 [UPDATED TIPS]- TOP 5 METHODS TOP 10 POWERFUL ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE FOR PC 2019 [embed][/embed]

Conclusion on How to Unlock a Power lock Car doors

For a lot of the methods listed above, you could make do with things found around the house or things you have in your toolbox. If you happen to be a type that gets yourself locked out of the car most of the times, you could as well get a complete lockout tool kit or a magnetic key holder you can have your spare key kept and hiding under your bumper. Tag: How to unlock power lock car doors, Car unlock, Unlock car, How to unlock a car door, Car unlock services, Unlock car service, How to unlock a car door with power locks, How to unlock a car, Unlock car tool, Locked keys in car how to unlock door, How to unlock your car, How to unlock a car door with a hanger, How to unlock a car door with a screwdriver, How to unlock a locked car.]]>

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