Latest Windows 10 Update: Issues and Solutions – The Windows operating system is a highly recognized operating system across the globe and used widely by computer users, however, the Windows operating system is known to have different versions of operating system such the windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so on but the last version released so far is the Windows 10 version which is practically what we are going to look into in this very article.

Today, we are going to discuss the latest Windows 10 update problems and how to fix them. It has come to our notice that there have been series of update problems that are entangled with the windows 10 operating system, and we have made our researches and come up with the better options for solving such update problems for the operating system.

Here is what we are going to do in this article; we would be listing out the possible problems encompassed by the windows 10 version of the operating system and proffer the solution to such problems. Ride along with us as we unveil the purpose of this article.

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  • Windows 10 update problems and how to fix them

Are you experiencing a series of issues with your windows 10 operating system? If yes, then check out the varieties of problems that have come to our notice and the solution we proofer to them as they would be the core solution to those problems.

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Now here is the deal, after calling off the rollout of the update and extensively putting into test the operating system (windows 10) to ensure that issues with the software being an operating system has been fixed up, the Microsoft brand has been noted to have made the windows 10 updated as at October of the year 2018 available for downloads.

However, the problem discovered so far are hereby listed below with the perfect solution for the problem.

  • Audio issues after the installations of the Windows 10 operating system

Quite numerous numbers of people across the globe have been laying out complains pertaining to the audio issue on the operating system after the installation of the operating system on their various systems. However, it has been discovered that this issue of audio problem is caused by the incompatibility with an Intel driver, moreover, this problem has reached the ears of the Microsoft brand and is hereby made a move in fixing the problem by creating an update which can, however, be downloaded from the windows update app  that addresses the problem in particular.

Therefore, you can head straight up to downloading the updates available for such problems in the windows update the app.

Hp Pavillion Windows 10 Update Problems

  • Blue screen of death

Here comes one of the most disturbing problems that have been encountered from windows 10 update, notably, this problem is found to be rampant amongst HP computers and this problem was noted to cause a dreadful Blue Screen of Death before finally crashing the system. However, this problem was diagnosed to be caused by a keyboard driver, and steps have been taking by Microsoft to address the issue by creating an update for the issue.

Meanwhile, this update is stated by Microsoft to download automatically, but in case the issue is not still solved, you are advised to open the windows update the app and check for downloads that are pending on the download list for updates. More also, we would like you to know that downloading such updates as said, especially the update for fixing the issue of the dreadful blue screen, it requires an active internet connection to download such updates for such issues and also other issues in the Windows 10 operating system.

  • Deletion of files after the installation of the Windows 10 operating system

Here we have another dreadful issue ever reported by the Windows operating system users, users have reportedly complained of missing files from their system after the installation of the windows 10 updated version which was formerly stored in their “Documents” folder.  This issue became severe up to the point that the Microsoft brand has to delay the rollout of October of the year 2018 update; this, however, showed the seriousness showed by Microsoft in solving the issue.  Meanwhile, this problem wasn’t experienced by all Windows 10 users making use of the updated version, but still, there is a solution provided for the problem.

Now here is actually what to do, Microsoft has made a suggestion in solving the problem which is for victims to call support lines as those support lines have the tools to get you fixed up in a good state.

However, to get the support lines for each country, you are strongly advised to visit the Microsoft website to check out for the support lines to call. More also, if such a problem is encountered on your system, you are advised to minimize the use of the system and contact Microsoft immediately for support so as to get the problem fixed up in time, but if you feel you are not caught up with this particular problem, you should probably check your files and folders for missing files.

Windows 10 Updates Problem Installing 

  • Installation problems

If you are actually a victim of installation problem for the Microsoft Windows 10 updated versions via the Windows 10’s update tool, there is absolutely no reason for you to panic as this is considered a minor issue.

The windows 10 operating system is noted to have an in-built troubleshooter that is capable of spotting out any problems, more also, this troubleshooter is also capable of resetting the windows update the app which is known to serve as a catalyst to kick start the installation process.  

However, to carry out this process, click the Start Menu >> click the cog Icon located at the left, which will actually get the settings opened up >> click update and security >> then troubleshoot >> click on windows update and then run the troubleshooter >> follow the instructions that prompts up and lastly >> click Apply this fix if the troubleshooter happens to provide a solution.

  • Free up disk space

As other previous versions of the Windows 10 update, the new update of the October 2018 version is noted to also require a certain amount of hard drive space to download successfully the updates and install, but if it happens that the drive at which your windows 10 software is installed which is usually the drive “C” is almost filled up, then, there is a high tendency of you encountering problems while downloading and installing the updates, therefore, you should try to free up more spaces so as to avoid problems of installation pertaining to limited disk space.

As a matter of fact, the recent 2018 windows 10 updates are noted to require a total of 16GB of free disk space for the 32-bit windows version, while the updates require 20GB total disk space for the 64-bit version of windows where the windows 10 is installed for updates to be downloaded.

Moreover, if you are going to install those updates and you notice you do not have enough disk space, you can as well mark up some files for deletion, however, we would want you to remember that you wouldn’t be able to retrieve those files back after deletion, so be sure of the files to delete, else, get them backed up somewhere else if they are of great importance.

Once that case has been settled, try downloading and installing the windows updates again.

  • Disable anti-virus software

Are you surprised at this? Well don’t be, it’s a fact that antivirus software is helpful on your computers, but they are notably the cause of some problems in the installation of the windows 10 update processes. If you are the type that loves the presence of anti-virus software on your system, then, at this stage you are advised to disable the software before making an attempt to installing the windows 10 update, as that could help fix the installation problems of the operating system, but after the whole installation process is completed, you can enable your anti-virus software and use it normally as you have always done.

We would also like you to note that you may likely need to uninstall the software temporarily incase disabling the software alone does not work out, and later after a successful installation, you are advised to reinstall the software.

Windows 10 Update Problems 2018

  • Reset the update

After the whole lot of solving techniques for the problems of installation, and you still encounter problems, we would urge you not to panic as there is still another approach for tackling this problem, and here is the deal, after lots of approaches all to no avail, then you will be advised to reset the update service and try installing the updates again. Now how do we go about this?

To go about resetting the update services, you are to open the command prompt by inputting “CMD” into the search bar and right-clicking on “command prompt” and then select the option of “Run as administrator”.

After this process, the command prompt interface will pop up and once it is opened, input the following commands and pressing enter after each command line.

Net stop wuausery

Net stop bits

Net stop crypysvc

Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\SorftwareDistribution.bak

Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.bak

Net start wuauserv

Net start bits

Net start cryptsvc

After inputting all the above lines of command, try restarting your computer and go ahead or proceed with the installation of the windows 10 updates again.

Windows 10 Updates problem with Internet Connection

  • Apps not connecting to the internet after installation of the windows 10 updates

Here we have another problem entangled with the windows 10 operating system; however, this problem is known to popularly affect the Edge internet browser as it would no longer work at a normal pace just as before.

However, aside the notice of the edge browser being unable to perform its normal functions it was also noted that all Microsoft store apps have also failed to work as regards internet connectivity, the apps are noted to always pop up an error when user tries to get connected to one website or the other, the most likely messages that usually pops up as an error message on these apps are messages such as “Can’t reach this page”.

Meanwhile, the most user may likely think it’s a network connectivity issue, but it is rather not connectivity issue if it happens that you have installed the newly updated version of the Windows 10 operating system.

WIndows 10 Updates Fix

What are the right and perfect solutions for this problem? As reaching the ears of the Microsoft brand company, the problem is said to be solved using the specified approach or tactics, which is getting to enable the IPv6 on your system, now how do you get this done? This can be done by following the below-stated steps;

Open up settings >> Navigate to network and internet >> navigate to network and sharing center >> select your network adapter in this interface >> click on properties >> navigate to the network tab >> mark the box next to the internet version 6 (TCP/IPv6) >> finally click OK to save the changes.

  • Failure to install iCloud service or unable to sync after installing the windows 10 updated version

This problem has also breached the ears of both the Microsoft cooperation and Apple brand as iCloud is no longer compatible with the updated version of the windows 10 in terms of not being able to install properly on the system or if luckily installed won’t sync. However, the two brands are noted to be working hand-in-hand on this problem, therefore, for getting the proper solution to this problem, users are advised to wait for the next updated version of the operating system as it would offer a lasting solution to the problem. More also, they have also urged users who have not installed the updates yet and are in the proper use of iCloud service not to install the updates yet till another update is released which will definitely be of great functionalities.

  • How to fix 0x800F0922 error on the windows 10 update

If your device tends to pop put the specified error of 0x800F0922 error, definitely there is an active VPN connection that is probably interfering with the operating system in contacting the update servers, however, to get this issue fixed, here is what you are urged to do, try disconnecting from the VPN server and try again, and if it happens that you don’t have a VPN server, then you are probably not connected.

Conclusion on the latest Windows 10 update problems and How to fix them

Different versions of software with different problems, but all are made easy for users when problems encountered are provided with lasting solutions.

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