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How To Turn On Lg Phone- Like any other LG phone, LG G3 is also a value for money products, offering great features on durable hardware which is fully synced with the Android software. However, there is a small glitch on this phone, i.e., sometimes LG G3 does not turn on completely, stays on LG logos like a dead or frozen phone and LG G3 owners are often heard complaining about this issue on their phone. The LG G3 does not boot error may seem very confusing because LG phones have a good build quality and awesome Android support. In such a situation when an LG G3 does not turn on, it becomes a cause of concern a large number of LG phone users. Also, you will find it pissing when we can hardly do our day to day activities without our phones, and we are stock down on this type of problem. Thus, we understand the discomfort you need to face whenever you say that my LG G3 does not want to fully or does not boot normally. So here we have the necessary solutions for you on How To Turn On Lg Phone.

  • Part 1: What can cause LG G3 not to turn on?
  • Part 2: Check if this is a charging problem
  • Part 3: Check if this error has to do with a problem with the battery.
  • Part 4: Step to brute-force the restart of LG G3 to fix G3 unwilling to issue?
  • Part 5: Carry out a factory reset to solve the problems of LG G3


  • Part 1: What can cause LG G3 not to turn on?
No machine / electronic device/gadget works without some glitches here and there, but this does not mean that the shortcomings cannot be fixed. So, next time when you tell someone that my LG G3 does not want to turn on, note that this is not a permanent issue, so in place of this, it can be solved with an easy approach. It is mysterious to know that LG G3 refused to boot owing to a virus attack or a malware issue. Instead, this is a minor glitch that can be caused by a software update that is carried out in the background. Another reason why LG G3 does not want to be turned on is that the phone may be out of charges. There are various activities that occur simultaneously on our devices daily. We and others initiate some of them will take place on their own; access has been given to updated features of Android versions that are recent. If this is running in the background, the tasks can also be the cause of them. Again, a temporary crash software or ROM issues, system files, etc. we also have to blame them for this persistent issue with the LG G3 device. Do not keep these points in mind the next time you find yourself wondering why my LG G3 does not want to switch on. Then we will quickly write about the solution to the error. If your LG G3 does not want to turn on regardless of the number of times you try to do, relax, do not bug yourself with that yet, follow below strategies that best suit your LG phone status to solve this problem.
  • Part 2: Check if this is a charging problem.
If your LG G3 does not want to turn on, do not go straight to the fix solution because there are easier fixes available for the same problem.
  1. First of all, be sure to check whether or not your LG G3 is responding to the charge. To do this, simply plug it into a wall socket to charge it.
Note: Use original LG chargers which come with your device.
  1. Now, leave the billing phone for at least half an hour.
  2. Finally, if your LG G3 responds to the charge and normally turns, eliminate the risk of your charger or charge the damaged port. Also, LG G3’s software response to charging is a positive sign.
If you see that this is not working, try charging it with another charger suitable for your phone and then try turning it back in a few minutes. This method is useful when your phone’s battery drains out because of where you can tell my LG G3 do not want to turn on.
  • Part 3: Check if this is a battery problem If You want to learn How To Turn On Lg Phone
[caption id="attachment_2932" align="aligncenter" width="400"]How To Turn On Lg Phone 1 - [RESOLVED] LG G3 WILL NOT TURN ON COMPLETELY How To Turn On Lg Phone[/caption] Phone batteries become better due to long usage. Most common problems with LG phones are Dead batteries, and it plays a vital role in your LG G3 does not switch properly. To check whether LG G3 does not want to switch the problem is caused by its battery, follow the steps given below:
  1. First approach is to try removing your battery from your LG G3 first and place the charge phone for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Now try starting the phone, with the battery still out.
  3. If the phone starts and boots up normally, there is a chance that you have a dead battery causing a problem.
In this case, you need to switch off the device, let the battery be out and remove the phone from free of charge. Then hold down the power button for at least 15-20 seconds to drain the remaining charge. Finally, insert a new battery and try turning on your LG G3 device. This will be a perfect fix if, by chance, the problem is a battery problem.
  • Section 4: Step By Step Guide On How to force restart LG G3 to fix G3 unwilling to issue?
Now if you encounter my LG G3 does not want to switch the problem and check his charger and battery, here’s another alternative you can try. Start your LG G3 directly to Recovery Mode and force it to restart. It sounds complicated, but very easy to implement.
  1. The First step expected of you is to hold on the power key and volume down button on the back of the phone until you see the Recovery screen.
  2. It will display on the screen the recovery options, then click on the first option that appears using the power key that says “Reboot system now.”
It may take a while, but once it’s done, your phone will start normally and take you directly to the Home Screen or Locked Screen. Note: this method has been observed to work from a sample of 9 out of 10.
Step On How To Turn On Lg Phone
  • Section 5: Perform a factory reset to fix the LG G3 will not issue that issue
[caption id="attachment_2933" align="aligncenter" width="400"]How To Turn On Lg Phone 2 - [RESOLVED] LG G3 WILL NOT TURN ON COMPLETELY How To Turn On Lg Phone[/caption] Here is the final solution to How To Turn On Lg Phone, in case you are not successful in doing your LG G3 again.to carry out a Factory reset on your device or carry out a hard reset is a tedious process. However, this method is known to solve the LG G3 does not want to turn the error completely. Note: Please backup your data to LG before starting this process. Then follow the instructions to know how to reset LG G3to factory settings. Step 1: Hold down the volume key and power button together until you see the LG logo. Step 2: Now slowly leave the power button for a second and touch it again. Ensure you keep pressing down the volume down button all this while. At this step, when you see a factory data reset window, leave the same buttons. Step 3: Scroll down with the volume down key to select “Yes” and tap on it by pressing the power button. There it is, you are successfully hard to reset your phone, now wait and let the finishing process to reboot your device automatically. Related Topics: [RESOLVED] PROBLEMS YOU CAN FIND FOR ANDROID 8 OREO UPDATE 3 SOLUTIONS FOR ANDROID TABLET WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH FIX [FIXED] UNFORTUNATELY YOUR APP HAS STOPPED ERROR[UNFORTUNATELY FACEBOOK HAS STOPPED] 3 SOLUTIONS TO GET IMESSAGES FOR WINDOWS SAMSUNG PHONE STUCK IN ODIN MODE [RESOLVED] 2019 EDITION THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE: MOTO PHONE ANDROID OREO UPDATE (G4 / G4 PLUS / G5 / G5 PLUS)

Conclusion On How To Turn On Lg Phone

So, before getting your LG G3 to a technician, here is How To Turn On Lg Phone, you should try home remedies. I’m sure they will solve LG G3 unwilling to issue issues. Tag: [Resolved] LG G3 Will does not Turn On Completely, How To Turn On Lg Phone]]>

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