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    Rating of the top 10 according to the version Of TRILLIONSTECHNG
    • #1. Sony KD-49XF7596 (average price of 52 thousand rubles)
    One of the novelties of last year from Sony has already found many fans who decided to change their old TV to this model. And indeed, it is one of the most functional smart TV among the 49-inch TVs. Many will be pleased with the Sony KD-49XF7596 screen – this is an IPS-matrix with 4K resolution and LED backlight Edge LED. The smart component here is based on Android, but with its specifics. Sony has somewhat limited the possibilities of the “green robot” in favor of security. So, not all applications from the Play Store can be installed on this TV. Sony KD-49XF7596 chips include voice control, a built-in 16 GB drive and 24p True Cinema mode when movies can be watched at 24 frames per second. + Excellent TV component + High-quality screen – Restrictions on working with Android applications
    • #2. TCL L55P65US (average price of 41.9 thousand rubles)
    Smart TV from a little-known in Russia, but a huge Chinese corporation TCL, which produces household appliances. 55-inch smart TV has a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, and 4K can play on HDR technology, that is, with an increased range of brightness. The implementation of smart television here is not the most advanced – the shell runs on Linux, and third-party applications will not work adequately here. There are not many USB and HDMI ports here, but you can connect a TV to the Internet via cable. + Low price + 4K support – Difficulties with installing third-party applications
    • #3. LG OLED55C8 (average price of 117 thousand rubles)
    Fresh 55-inch model from the South Korean manufacturer with an OLED-matrix. The manufacturer managed to create almost top-end smart TV for 2019. The main plus of the model is its 4K-matrix on organic light-emitting diodes, which give a real black color. The brightness of the matrix is ​​high at 448 cd / m2, and the contrast is 222: 1. The TV has many pre-installed applications for popular streaming services, such as YouTube and Facebook. In the integrated “store,” you can download new programs. Make it easy with the included remote control Magic Remote, which for ease of management will give odds to competitors. But the TV has a minus – a quiet and flat sound. + Excellent display + Large number of ports for peripherals – Frankly bad sound
    • #4. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43 (average price is 26 thousand rubles)
    What are the top electronics without Xiaomi? If you didn’t know, the ubiquitous Chinese company has been producing smart TVs for years. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43 is a younger model of the line, but this does not mean that it is inferior to competitors. The resolution of FullHD with a screen of 43 inches may seem small to someone, but a few years ago much larger TVs were content with 1920 × 1080. The display is a high-quality LCD matrix with LED backlight. Xiaomi would not be Xiaomi if it did not make the basis of its Android smart TV with the MIUI TV OS shell. So, almost any application from the Play Store is available for this TV. But there are problems – the lack of support for digital broadcasting in DVB-C / DVB-T2 standards, not everyone can update the firmware, and the number of ports on the TV may seem small to someone. + Affordable price + Android as the basis for smart TV – Not suitable for a person who wants to get a stable out-of-the-box smart TV
    • #5. BBK 32LEX-7047 / T2C (average price of 12 thousand rubles)
    Super-smart TV from the Chinese BBK corporation at first may seem frivolous, but do not rush to conclusions. Yes, the matrix here is not the most advanced – it is a 32-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 and not the most stable field of a black background. However, for 12 thousand rubles, the TV runs on a full-fledged Android with an app store, has a full set of ports and can be controlled from a smartphone. + Very cheap smart TV + Full-fledged work on Android – Low-quality screen
    • #6. LG 32LJ600U (average price of 17.3 thousand rubles)
    The budget version of a smart TV from the Koreans. The LG 32LJ600U is a 32-inch HD TV with LED Direct LED illumination. Smart TV here works on LG’s proprietary webOS with its app store. However, users complain about the unstable build quality of this TV, mediocre sound, and the lack of output for headphones. + Simple, smart TV interface + Low cost – Non-best sound – Structural delicacy
    • #7. Hyundai H-LED55U601BS2S (average price of 41.9 thousand rubles)
    Medium priced 4K TV, which was released at the very beginning of 2019. The Korean Hyundai among Russians is still associated mainly with cars, but the corporation also produces consumer electronics. Under the hard-to-pronounce name of the H-LED55U601BS2S is an elegant 55-inch smart TV with thin frames. The resolution of the matrix is ​​3840×2160 pixels, and 4K content here can be played in HDR. Koreans did not reinvent the wheel, and Android is used as a smart TV. But due to the small amount of internal memory, many applications and games cannot be installed. + High resolution + Good sound system – Little internal memory
    • #8. Philips 55PUS6503 (average price of 40.9 thousand rubles)
    Enough new model from Philips, which stands out with a good IPS screen size of 55 inches. The TV has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and easily copes with 4K-content playback in HDR-quality. Smart TV is also praised for good sound, but there are problems with the “smart” component. The fact is that the TV works on the Saphi TV platform, which is used only by Philips. This smart TV supports several applications, including YouTube. Also, there is no Bluetooth on the smart TV. + Good IPS-screen + Adequate work with 4K – Disadvantages of an exotic smart TV platform
    • #9. HARPER 55U750TS (average price is 28.9 thousand rubles)
    It fell on the list of the most affordable smart TV with 4K on the Russian market from a little-known company from Taiwan. The 55-inch matrix has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a brightness of 300 cd / m2 and a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The manufacturer did not philosophize and installed as a smart TV shell on Android. However, the TV saved on computing power and the same YouTube picture in 4K frankly slows down. + Low price for 4K TV + High-quality matrix – Low performance
    • #10. Sony KD-65XF9005 (average price of 179.9 thousand rubles)
    Not cheap, but an interesting model from the Japanese Sony. There is a 65-inch OLED-matrix with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, capable of being updated at 100 Hz and high brightness of 500 cd / m2. The TV has a huge number of ports and supports many wireless communication protocols. The “smart” component works here on Android, which means there will be no problems with installing third-party applications. But the remote control out of the box is not very convenient for controlling smart TV; however, users can gain voice control, which perfectly recognizes the Russian language. + High-quality screen + Lots of content for the platform – Fair price – Inconvenient remote

    How to choose a smart TV

    Still, a smart TV, this is primarily a TV. And above all, you need to pay attention to how the chosen model fits your needs and the room in which it will work. But there are specific characteristics and let’s understand them.
    • Price
    The smart TV market is heavily segmented by cost. For example, the most affordable smart TVs for 10-13 thousand rubles are very similar to each other – these are a 32-inch matrix with a resolution of 720p and not the most recent version of Android on board. This segment is ruled by the most famous Chinese brands. In the area of ​​40 thousand rubles, you can pick up a 55-inch branded smart TV with good IPS-matrix and proprietary software platforms. But large models with OLED-matrices can cost 100 thousand rubles.
    • Housing
    In 2019, most of the best smart TVs look quite similar in appearance, but this is only at first glance. First, fashionable narrow frames in different models have different widths. Those that are more expensive have a more elegant edging of the screen. Secondly, no one has canceled the build quality. It is unlikely that you will like the TV, which, due to the lack of rigidity of the structure, will produce on the screen stains when you hang it on the wall. And still, separate models have moisture resistance to work, for example, in a bathroom.
    • Display
    Of course, the main thing on TV is its screen. In 2019, the main trend of the best smart TV is aimed at introducing the 4K resolution. It is four times more than the usual FullHD. True, high-definition television in Russia is not being introduced too quickly, but the ability to access the Internet through smart TV eliminates this shortcoming. Also, advanced TV models can provide a frequency of 100 Hz or more, thereby reducing the blurring of the picture at the edges. A separate topic is the manufacturing technology of the matrix. Modern TVs use two main options – LCD and OLED. The first is the well-known liquid crystal screens, which have only significantly advanced in quality. So, IPS-matrices provide excellent color and viewing angle up to 180 degrees. OLED screens have replaced the “plasma,” so popular in the zero. Its main advantages – excellent brightness and true black color, achieved by turning off the pixels that are responsible for it in the picture. But there is technology and disadvantages – burnout with long-term static image and flicker.
    • Smart tv platform
    So we got to the characteristics that highlight the best smart TVs. There are a lot of platforms that have provided a TV with “mind,” but not all of them are equivalent. It is believed that the most flexible in terms of installing third-party software is Android in its adapted form for a non-touch screen. However, management and optimization often have problems. Large manufacturers prefer to use proprietary platforms; for example, LG has webOS Smart TV. Usually, in them, each application is optimized for a specific TV, but often, there is a lack of diversity. For example, installing a third-party video viewer is unlikely to succeed.
    • Interfaces
    In recent years, many manufacturers of the best smart TVs demonstrate a lurch towards wireless interfaces, reducing the number of ports from model to model. By the way, the “tulip” under the retro prefix found in modern TV is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, if you need a lot of HDMI or USB, then pay attention to their number in a particular model. Some companies add a port for the wired Internet to their best smart TVs, which can be useful in the absence or unstable Wi-Fi. Most intelligent TVs now support Bluetooth, which is useful when connecting keyboards, joysticks, and other wireless peripherals.
    • Control
    And the last important characteristic of any better smart TV is the ability to control it. The fact is that classic consoles were not at all suitable for controlling smart TVs that have access to the Internet and work with third-party applications. Each manufacturer solved the problem of adaptation in its way. For example, some have increased the number of buttons. Other TVs on the remote appeared touchpad. The most advanced models even got their kind of joysticks that can control the screen, moving in space. However, a third-party remote control via Bluetooth can be connected to a smart TV. Related Topics: TOP 10 BEST DVRs IN 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST TVS 55 INCH 2019- AND YOU NEED TO KNOW LG TV PLUS PRICE, FEATURES AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

    Conclusion On The best smart TVs 2019

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