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Best TVs 43 Inch– 43-inch TVs remain one of the most popular sizes in Russia. What is the secret of the success of these devices and which model is worthy of attention, here are the few things you will get to know in this write-up;

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  • #1. Sony KD-43XF8096 (average price of 60 thousand rubles)
High-quality 43-inch model from the Japanese brand, which is one of the most technically advanced devices in the segment. Sony decided not to waste time on things and installed a 4K resolution IPS-matrix with a viewing angle of 178 ° and capable of playing video in HDR 10. The smart TV runs on Android, and an experienced user will be able to customize the TV using third-party programs easily. However, the manufacturer “did not report” the power and many users complain about the thoughtfulness of the interface and shell lags. And the TV has Bluetooth, which can not work with wireless headphones. + Famous brand + Great picture – Can’t work with Bluetooth headphones – Overpriced
  • #2. LG 43UK6300 (average price of 31.5 thousand rubles)
One of the most compact and affordable 4K TVs. 43 inches, IPS-matrix, and low brightness of 250 cd / m2. There is a fast, smart TV on webOS, full of ports and wireless interfaces. Included is a handy Magic Remote. Some do not like the excessive thickness of the body, while others complain about the soap picture in analog television. However, the last drawback is small – Russia in 2019 fully switches to digital television broadcasting. + 4K resolution and high pixel density with a small diagonal + Smart TV and Internet access – Not the thinnest case
  • #3. Polar line 43PL51TC (average price of 14.3 thousand rubles)
Inexpensive 43-inch TV from the Russian brand Polar line with Chinese roots. Its main advantage is a bright LCD-screen with a resolution of FullHD, a brightness of 270 cd / m2 and a pixel response time of 8 ms. Although there is no smart TV here, the TV can independently play video files from external media. You can find fault in this model with a weak sound, and the light of the matrix encountered on some specimens. + Good screen + Low price – A weak sound will require you to buy external acoustics
  • #4. TCL L43P6US (average price is 27 thousand rubles)
43-inch TV from the little-known in Russia, but a huge Chinese corporation TCL, which specializes in the production of household appliances. This model has not only the resolution of the matrix of 3840×2160 pixels but also a striking appearance with minimal frames. The TV can update the image at 60 Hz, and the viewing angle here is 178 °. The assembly is made at a good level. Some may not like smart TV, which runs on Linux and is not fast. And yet, the sound here is only 16 W, which is barely enough even for a small room + Interesting design + 4K for little money – Not the fastest smart TV
  • #5. Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 43 (average price is 24.3 thousand rubles)
Inexpensive TV for fans of popular Xiaomi. The 43-inch matrix has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and is made using IPS technology. There is a smart TV based on Android with a proprietary MIUI shell, as well as many ports and interfaces. The sound on the TV is frankly weak, and the built-in digital tuner does not understand the signal in DVB-T2, which Russian television is switching to. However, you should not rush to buy this particular model, in April, the Chinese showed a new generation of televisions, and if you risk ordering a panel from the Middle Kingdom, you can grab a novelty for only $ 300 (19.2 thousand rubles). + Well optimized smart TV + High-quality assembly – No Russian in the official firmware – Does not support the “figure” in DVB-T2
  • #6. Hyundai H-LED43F501SS2S (average price of 21.9 thousand rubles)
The TV with the obscure name H-LED43F501SS2S is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. First, the FullHD-matrix produces a natural color and greater contrast. In addition, the screen has a matte finish that will save the viewer from unpleasant glare. Secondly, there is a good smart TV, running on Android, and with built-in 8 GB memory. The disadvantages can be recorded, perhaps a weak sound at 16 watts. + Reasonable price + Excellent multimedia capabilities – Weak sound from the built-in speakers
  • #7. Panasonic TX-43FXR610 (average price of 39.9 thousand rubles)
Another TV, representing the top segment of 43-inch models. There is an excellent IPS-matrix with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The TV has one of the brightest matrices on the market – as much as 350 cd / m2. The smart TV works here on Firefox OS from the developer of the browser of the same name. There are few applications for the platform while in the store, but in general, the system works very quickly. Unless the sound cannot help someone like, as fragile legs for horizontal installation. + Excellent picture quality + Fast, smart TV operation – Feet for a horizontal installation could be stronger
  • #8. Philips 43PUS6503 (average price of 34.8 thousand rubles)
Model 2018 from the European brand Philips, now owned by the Chinese. 4K resolution is packed in a relatively small diagonal in a good IPS-matrix. The TV supports HDR 10 content. The manufacturer did not save on ports and interfaces – there are USB 3.0, dual-band Wi-Fi and standard 3.5-mm audio jack. But there is a problem with the “smart” component. The fact is that the TV works on the Saphi TV platform, which is used only by Philips. In fact, this smart TV supports literally several applications, including YouTube. + Excellent performance in the segment for reasonable money + 4K Resolution – Saphi TV platform suffers from a lack of applications
  • #9. Harper 43F660TS (average price is 19 thousand rubles)
Taiwan-based Harper is relatively new in the Russian market but has already found a buyer, including through the 43F660TS model. 43-inch screen with FullHD resolution, acceptable color reproduction, and good viewing angles. There is wired and wireless Internet access and, of course, smart TV, which runs on the Android operating system. But there is one nuance. Harper 43F660TS has two revisions that differ in the built-in memory. One 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, and the second – 0.5 / 2 GB. Of course, the second option will bring its user a lot of inconvenience with brakes and lags. + Decent screen + Smart TV – When buying, you can get a version with reduced memory
  • #10. LG 43UJ750V (average price of 34.6 thousand rubles)
It is no coincidence that LG’s second model made it to the TOP 10 best 43-inch TVs in 2019. The fact is that the 43UJ750V has a screen made by Nano Cell technology, created by LG, as an alternative to OLED matrices. The advantages of the display are improved color reproduction, an increased dynamic range, and a wide viewing angle. The TV has 4K resolution and supports HDR 10. There is a fast, smart TV on webOS, a scattering of ports and wireless interfaces. But the 3.5-mm audio jack, as it often does LG, forgot to add here. + One of the best screens in the classroom + Fast Smart TV – High price
  • How to choose a TV 43 inches
43-inch televisions are a transitional size between compact models and large panels. This fact has left its mark on the segment in which manufacturers are in no hurry to offer the latest technical solutions. TrillionTechNg offers tips on how to choose a 43 inch TV in 2019.
  • Price
The cost of the best TV 43 inch 2019 starts from 15 thousand rubles for a simple model. In the price range of 20-30 thousand rubles, there are already advanced televisions, if you search, even with a resolution of 4K. But the models with a price tag of 30 thousand rubles can offer many options and features that the “big brothers” have.
  • Display
In the 43-inch segment, manufacturers are in no hurry to make TVs with screens on organic light-emitting diodes. Most likely, marketers of brands believe that buyers of relatively small models are not willing to spend extra money on OLED. Therefore, there are only LCD screens in the class, but of different quality. So, the resolution of HD is rare here – most often the best TVs 43-inch 2019 have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Cheap models have unnatural color reproduction, low contrast, and poor viewing angles. High-quality IPS-matrixes often have 4K resolution. Virtually all of the best 43-inch TVs produced in 2019 from well-known brands support accurate playback of videos shot in HDR.
  • #Smart TV
Not all 43-inch TVs have smart TV support, but somewhere it provides reduced functionality. The most flexible setting for “by itself” is Android in its adapted form for a non-touch screen TV. However, some Chinese manufacturers save on the processor and memory because of what the “green robot” begins to slow down. Big brands prefer to use branded platforms; for example, LG has webOS Smart TV. Usually, in them, each application is optimized for a specific TV, but often there is a lack of variety of software.
  • #Sound
Due to the desire of manufacturers to make the case as thin as possible, the built-in sound in modern TVs leaves much to be desired. The main characteristic that you need to pay attention to if you are interested in audio is the total output power. The best TV 43 inch 2019 have it at the level of 20 watts. But if you want to connect external speakers, then you need a 3.5 mm audio jack or Bluetooth support. The wireless connection has various nuances, and for example, some TVs refuse to work with BT headphones.
  • Installation and fastening
Asking how to choose a 43-inch TV, you still need to figure out where you are going to install it. Fixing on a horizontal surface depends on the complete stand, its design, and rigidity. If it is flimsy, this can lead to the panel tipping over. TV, which is declared in the characteristics of the standard VESA, it can be hung on vertical ceiling structures, which can be rotated in two planes. Otherwise, the TV can only be mounted on a plane. By the way, when installing on a vertical plane, you need to consider whether ports will be available for connection. Related Topics: THE BEST TVS 40 INCH 2019 TOP 10- AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW THE BEST SMART TVS 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST DVRs IN 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST TVS 55 INCH 2019- AND YOU NEED TO KNOW

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