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Best TVs 40 Inch 2019- 40-inch televisions, though losing ground to their “older brothers,” remain a universal option for the living room, kitchen or bedroom. How to choose a TV 40 inches,


  • #1. Panasonic TX-40FSR500 (average price is 26.9 thousand rubles)
40-inch “Japanese” mid-level, assembled in Belarus. The screen resolution here is only 1920 × 1080 pixels, but there is support for playing content in HDR 10 and good color rendition. There is a smart TV called My Home Screen 3.0. This is still the same Firefox OS, but with several cosmetic changes. The advantages and disadvantages of the platform are the same – high speed, but a small number of applications in the store. The sound here is not bad at 20 watts, but external acoustics are still required for high quality. + This “Japanese” (albeit from Belarus) + High-quality display – Few applications for smart TV
  • #2. Sony KDL-40RE353 (average price of 28.6 thousand rubles)
Another representative of the brand 40-inch TVs. Sony KDL-40RE353 also has an IPS-matrix with FullHD resolution, but with its features. It uses proprietary technologies to improve the image: Clear Resolution Enhancer (noise reduction, enhanced sharpness), Live Color, Motionflow XR 100 Hz (smoothing of moving images). Interesting, but Sony decided not to add support for a smart TV to this model, which means it’s impossible to sit on the Internet or watch YouTube without a set-top box. However, this does not prevent the KDL-40RE353 from reading various multimedia formats from removable media. When buying is worth paying attention to the light of the screen and the absence of dead pixels.
  • #3. Kivi 40UR50GR (average price of 26.9 thousand rubles)
A rare representative of the segment of 40-inch TVs with 4K resolution matrix. The brand is not the most famous, with not the most natural origin, but obvious Chinese ancestry. For this budget, the buyer will receive a TFT S-PVA-matrix (inferior in IPS color reproduction) with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a rather large declared brightness of 400 cd / m2. The manufacturer did not reinvent the wheel and used Android in 40UR50GR as a smart TV. However, some users are faced with unexpected problems – Google services are not pre-installed, and multitasking leaves much to be desired. The bundled remote suffers from lost buttons. But there are all ports and interfaces for easy use with the periphery. + 4K for a little money + High screen brightness – Problems with the operation of smart TV
  • #4. BBK 40LEM-1037 / FTS2C (average price of 15.4 thousand rubles)
Simple, inexpensive, and not new TV model from the Chinese BBK. The 40-inch matrix has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with a viewing angle of 176 ° and a brightness of 250 cd / m2, which will be sufficient for a non-picky user. The TV has a DVB-T2 / C / S2 tuner, which allows you to receive terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasts. Smart TV is not here, and the built-in player does not recognize all video formats. Someone complains about the remote control – working with it requires almost aiming at the receiver on the TV. But in BBK there are three HDMI ports and one USB. + Affordable solution + Universal digital tuner – Detective sound of the built-in speakers – Questions about the operation of the console
  • #5. Hyundai H-LED40F401WS2 (average price 15.5 thousand rubles)
Available 40-inch TV, which can be a good choice for an economic buyer. The screen here is made by VA technology and has a resolution of 1920×1080. It’s all the same LCD, but somewhat less contrast than the more expensive competitors. Here, this figure is only 5000: 1. The response time of the pixel is 9.5 ms, which makes the model not the best choice for gamers. For the sake of cheaper H-LED40F401WS2, there is no smart TV, as well as the ability to access the Internet. But there are all new ports and a sensitive universal tuner for broadcasting. + Good artistry + Nice appearance – Not for game lovers
  • #6. Philips 39PHT4003 (average price is 18 thousand rubles)
The brand model (however, Philips has long been owned by the Chinese company TPV Technology) with a small budget. The screen here is formally 39 inches, but you will not feel any differences from 40-inch diagonal models. So, what does a well-known company in the “up to 20” segment offer us? The resolution of the matrix is ??1366×768 pixels, the brightness is 260 cd / m2, constant colors at different viewing angles, and high-quality color rendition. The sound in this model is only 12 W, but the low volume is compensated by the quality. Smart TV is not, but the built-in player “digests” many video formats up to the new H.265. + Good quality of the display, despite the low resolution + Able to play many video formats – The price tag for the functionality of someone seems overpriced
  • #7. Fusion FLTV-40C110T (average price is 13.6 thousand rubles)
Budget Chinese 40-inch TV boasts a resolution matrix FullHD. In principle, the model is so simple that there is nothing superfluous in it. Of the advantages can be noted good viewing angles, three HDMI ports, and a modern look. In this model, you can find fault with the lack of a built-in satellite tuner and not quite the standard size of attachment to vertical surfaces. + Cheap + FullHD – Unknown resource work
  • #8. JVC LT-40M650 (average price of 19.8 thousand rubles)
Let’s take a break from the Chinese manufacturers and turn our attention to the model from the Japanese JVC. LT-40M650 introduced three years ago, but it still looks relevant in the 40-inch segment. The resolution of the matrix is ?? 1920 × 1080 pixels, and it gives a juicy picture. There is a smart TV that runs on Android. True, the “green robot” is not the latest version here, but this does not negate the fact that many applications are supported. There are three ports for HDMI and USB, which is rare in this class. There is also a wired-wireless internet connection. And yet, there is a loud and powerful sound. Some buyers complain about the thoughtfulness of the device when working with cable TV. + Good performance in the segment for reasonable money + High-quality sound out of the box – The smart TV runs on outdated Android KitKat
  • #9. Harper 40F660TS (average price 16,7 thousand rubles)
The Taiwanese company Harper arouses interest among Russians, including thanks to the affordable price of their TVs. 40F660TS has a 40-inch screen with FullHD resolution, realistic color reproduction, and good viewing angles. There is wired and wireless Internet access and smart TV, which works on the Android operating system. But when buying a Harper 40F660TS, you need to pay attention to the following point: the model has two revisions that differ in the built-in memory. One 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, and the second – 0.5 / 2 GB. Of course, the second option will bring its user a lot of inconvenience with brakes and lags. And yet, there is not a very high-quality sound + Good screen + Smart TV for little money – When buying, you can get a version with reduced memory
  • #10. Telefunken TF-LED40S43T2S (average price is 16.3 thousand rubles)
The German-Chinese brand offers a rather attractive 40-inch model with a long name TF-LED40S43T2S. The 2018 model year TV has a display with a resolution of FullHD, a brightness of 280 cd / m2 and a fast pixel response time (only 6.5 ms). There is even a smart TV based on Android (albeit on a completely stale KitKat), which seems even to work stably. Internet access, all interfaces, and connectors – included. The sound is very weak, but the main drawback of the model is the unstable quality of the matrix. Some users faced pixel burnout. + Good “on paper” screen + Adequate price tag – The probability of display failure
  • How to choose a 40 inch TV
40-inch yielded in recent years, “palm” in the average size of their 43-inch counterparts, the release of which focused many manufacturers. But 40 inches is still a popular size that will look good in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. So how to choose a TV 40 inches in 2019 and what to look for?
  • Price
All the best TVs of 40 inches of 2019 can be divided into two price segments: up to 20 thousand rubles and above 20 thousand rubles. In the first case, these are most often either devices from little-known brands with quite good declared characteristics, or models from famous manufacturers, but with modest functionality. By the way, the latter most often benefit from a better picture and a thoughtful interface. The best televisions 40 inches of 2019 in the upper price range are rarely more expensive than 30 thousand rubles. Manufacturers are in no hurry to introduce expensive and modern components into this diagonal, which has a positive effect on the cost of TVs.
  • Display
When choosing the best TV 40 inches of 2019, the buyer will not be the biggest choice in terms of the display. First, here, you will not find OLED-matrices. And secondly, 40-inch TVs with rare exceptions do not receive 4K resolution. Therefore, the maximum quality screen for a 40-inch TV is an IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, large viewing angles, and natural color reproduction. Inexpensive models from little-known Chinese manufacturers often differ in FullHD resolution, but their overall picture quality is low, for example, black color can look like gray. Also, when buying, pay attention to the lack of light and broken pixels of a particular instance in the store.
  • Smart TV
Often the best TVs of 40 inches of 2019 do not support smart TV at all. Manufacturers consciously go to this step to reduce the price of these models. In general, in this segment, a well-functioning smart TV is not often and often among branded manufacturers. In quite low-end models, there are solutions on Android, but they do not work too well – weak hardware and an outdated version of the “green robot” adversely affect performance. Therefore, when choosing a 40-inch TV is better not to focus on “smart” features. In the end, a good TV-box would be preferable to working with a new TV.
  • Interfaces and Ports
Many people, when choosing a TV, immediately think that they will connect a game console or external acoustics to it. To do this, the device must have a basic set of ports. Ideally, several HDMI, DVI, USB, and audio outputs for the sound system. It is necessary to provide for their location so that during vertical or horizontal installation, the ports are not blocked. Related Topics: ANDROID 10 (Q): MAJOR CHANGES IN GOOGLE APPLE IPAD AIR 2019: RELEASE DATE AND FEATURES THE BEST SMART TVS 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST DVRs IN 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW MAC PRO 2019: REVIEW, FEATURES, AND PRICE IN RUSSIA. TOP 10 BEST TVS 55 INCH 2019- AND YOU NEED TO KNOW WIRELESS SMARTPHONE CHARGERS 2019- ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

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