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Best 4k TVs- Ultra HD resolution is becoming the standard in the TV world. What device should be considered for purchase to plunge into the world of high definition


  • #1. Philips 50PUT6023 (average price is 29.9 thousand rubles)
Philips 4K TV with a diagonal of 50 inches. The manufacturer managed to make an inexpensive model with ultra-high resolution. Last but not least, due to the fact that this model lacks the function of smart TV. However. This is a conditional disadvantage because many people connect to the TV set-top box or use in conjunction with a computer. There is a whole placer of various ports, for example, three HDMI. However, when choosing this model, you need to check the matrix for the presence of “dead” pixels. Many buyers complain about this defect. + Low price + Good ports – Lack of integrated smart TV – Display faults occur
  • #2. LG 43UK6450 (average price is 30.8 thousand rubles)
42.5-inch model LG 43UK6450 looks very attractive solution that will appeal to many. First, the screen here, in addition to the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, is made by IPS technology and has a viewing angle of 178 °. Secondly, the TV is running smart TV, based on LG’s proprietary webOS. This is a platform optimized for working on a TV with a large number of applications. In the pros, you can record and stylish design with an elegant stand. There are very few drawbacks to this model – someone complains about the backlash of the screen, while others do not like the placement of buttons on the remote. + High-quality screen + Productive smart TV – Possible inconvenience when working with the remote control
  • #3. Sony KD-55AF8 (average price of 179.9 thousand rubles)
The smart 55-inch TV from Japanese Sony can rightly be considered one of the top models on the market. This is not a simple 4K resolution matrix, but an OLED technology. So, there are all the advantages of screens on organic LEDs – a real black color and a great palette. However. the question remains with the durability of OLED because such displays are “famous” for burnout of pixels. The picture can be updated at a frequency of 100 Hz, which means there will be no unpleasant blur effect in dynamic scenes. Smart TV is powered by Android, and an experienced user can easily customize the TV for themselves using third-party software. Separate attention here deserves the audio system – in the Sony KD-55AF8 as many as five speakers, which give the total power of 50 watts. + Real Hi-Tech in the world of TVs + Excellent color rendition – Possible defects in OLED-display
  • #4. TCL L55P65US (average price of 41.9 thousand rubles)
55-inch 4K TV from TCL Corporation of China, a giant in the home appliance industry. Among competitors, it stands out for its strict design and thin frames. The L55P65US uses a high-quality LCD-matrix with natural color reproduction, but not with the highest brightness of 270 cd / m2. It runs a smart TV based on Linux, which means there will be no problems with installing programs. And in the passive TV, you can record only a slightly tangled interface and not the largest number of HDMI ports. + Balanced display + Smart TV without limits – In the large case, there was no place for the third HDMI port
  • #5. BBK 65LEX-6027 / UTS2C (average price of 40.9 thousand rubles)
An option for those who want a large 4K TV for little money. A 65-inch screen has a brightness of 250 cd / m2 and a viewing angle of 178 °. There is even a smart TV that runs on Android, but because of the hardware limitations that are clearly imposed by the budget of BBK 65LEX-6027 / UTS2C, there are freezes and crashes of third-party applications. Not everything is good with the algorithm for optimizing pictures of broadcasting for 3840×2160 resolution. Many users complain that instead of black, the matrix produces a dirty gray color. + A lot of TV for little money + Android “on board.” – Annoying slowdowns – The screen can produce a low-quality picture
  • #6. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 (average price is 30.3 thousand rubles)
Televisions from the large mobile industry are quickly gaining popularity due to the same approach as with smartphones – a good filling for reasonable money. The 43-inch model flaunts an IPS-matrix with a viewing angle of 178 ° and the ability to play high-definition video in HDR 10. There is also a smart TV running on Android with MIUI TV OS. Not without a fly in the ointment – there is no interface in Russian, the lack of support for digital TV broadcasting in DVB-T2 format and a strange console. + Excellent screen + Low cost – Does not support “digit” in DVB-T2
  • #7. Hyundai H-LED43U601BS2S (average price is 26.9 thousand rubles)
New model 4K-TV from the Korean Hyundai with an anti-crisis price tag. The 43-inch matrix can display HDR 10 and has 178 ° viewing angles. True, there is a low brightness of the matrix and along pixel response time, which is not very popular with gamers. There is a smart TV on Android on the TV, but due to a weak filling, some applications refuse to work quickly. So, the hardware platform does not provide playback of 4K stream video from YouTube. In addition, users complain about flimsy legs and poor build quality + Android support + Low price for 4K – Flimsy assembly – Brakes in smart TV
  • #8. Hisense H55A6100 (average price of 39.9 thousand rubles)
Another “purebred Chinese,” which has a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The screen size is 55 inches; there is support for HDR 10 and brightness as much as 350 cd / m2. The TV has support for wired and wireless Internet, as well as smart TV. Here it is called Vidaa, but this is still the same Android, but with Hisense shell. It does not interfere with the work of the “green robot,” applications from the Play Store are installed and launched. Hisense H55A6100 is somewhat heavy on the background of competitors and has a slightly tangled control. + Smart TV on Android + High-quality VA-matrix – Not the most exemplary remote control system
  • #9. Panasonic TX-43FXR610 (average price is 36.9 thousand rubles)
Japanese brand TV, which entered the market in 2018. 43 inches, 4K resolution along with the IPS-matrix allows you to call this model one of the most balanced among competitors in the picture. There is also a smart TV, but very specific – Firefox OS. Yes, the developer of the Mozilla Foundation browser is trying to promote their work on televisions. There are still few applications for the platform, but in general, the system works quickly. With the number of ports and interfaces in the TX-43FXR610, everything is fine. Even in the TV has voice control and light sensor. True, many do not like the sound of two speakers. + Excellent picture quality + Fast, smart TV operation – Weak built-in sound system
  • #10. HARPER 50U750TS (average price is 25.5 thousand rubles)
The 50-inch model from the Taiwanese manufacturer has several trumps in addition to a small price. Firstly, a good matrix is ​​installed here with a brightness of 300 cd / m2 and a pixel response time of 6.5 ms. Secondly, the HARPER 50U750TS runs an Android-based smart TV. It works adequately and fast enough; for example, the YouTube application quietly plays videos in 4K. There are disadvantages, however, associated with the body. Its very design is quite heavy, and the attachment to vertical surfaces requires modification with their own hands. + Affordable price + Smart TV on Android – Difficult to hang on the wall
  • How to choose 4K TV
In 2019, no one needs to convince anyone that Ultra HD resolution is really needed by televisions. But other questions remain. For example, by what criteria to choose such a device? 4K or Ultra HD? Immediately make a reservation that this resolution has several names that are constantly found when choosing a TV: 4K, UltraHD, UHD, UHDTV, 2160p. Strictly speaking, 4K is 4096×2160 pixels, as is customary in the movies. But the TV uses 3840×2160 pixels or QuadHD. For the sake of simplicity, 2160p is denoted as 4K. By the way, if you still think whether it is worthwhile to change the still not old FullHD, then we recall that UltraHD is twice as large vertically and horizontally, as well as in four by area.
  • Price
Hypothetically, a 4K resolution television can be purchased for a price of fewer than 20 thousand rubles. However, such models have a number of drawbacks, which are unlikely to enjoy high resolution fully. The best 4K TVs in 2019 start at a price of 25 thousand rubles. For this money, you can get a 43-inch screen, smart TV, internet access, and a good set of ports. In the interval “from 30 to 50,” you can find excellent IPS-matrix, optimized “smart TV” and a large diagonal. But TVs with progressive OLED-matrices are cheaper than 80 thousand rubles to buy now will not work.
  • Display
Surprisingly, manufacturers stubbornly believe that the resolution of 3840×2160 is not necessary for TVs with a diagonal of less than 40 inches. But in large models, 4K is ubiquitous. Such a resolution can have both models with LCD screens and OLED-matrices. At the last UltraHD looks clearer and more spectacular, especially in dark scenes. When choosing the best 4K TV in 2019, you should pay attention to the refresh rate of the picture, in flagship models it can reach up to 100 Hz. Gamers who plan to use a panel with set-top boxes or a computer need to look at the response time of a pixel in characteristics – the lower it is, the better during the game.
  • Smart TV
Almost all of the best 4K TVs in 2019 have a smart TV. Among them, there are a variety of platforms. The most common is Android. Inexpensive models, their platforms are used more often; for example, LG’s webOS, which has many third-party applications in the company store and is well-designed.
  • Installation and fastening
For any TV, it is important how it will be installed. Fixing on a horizontal surface depends on the complete stand, its design, and rigidity. If it is flimsy, this can lead to the panel tipping over. TV, which is declared in the characteristics of the standard VESA, it can be hung on vertical ceiling structures, which can be rotated in two planes. Otherwise, the TV can only be mounted on a plane. By the way, when installing on a vertical plane, you need to consider whether ports will be available for connection. Related Topics: THE BEST TV 43 INCH 2019 TOP 10 THE BEST TVS 40 INCH 2019 TOP 10- AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW THE BEST SMART TVS 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST DVRs IN 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TOP 10 BEST TVS 55 INCH 2019- AND YOU NEED TO KNOW VALVE INDEX – VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES: RELEASE DATE AND SPECIFICATIONS ANDROID 10 (Q): MAJOR CHANGES IN GOOGLE APPLE IPAD AIR 2019: RELEASE DATE AND FEATURES

Conclusion On Top 10 Best 4k TVs 2019, Full Specifications And All You Need To Know

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