Best DVRs in 2019

Best DVRs in 2019- If you opened this text, you probably already know why you need a DVR. Of course, to upload cool videos to YouTube! We tell what to look for when choosing the best DVR in 2019. Foreigners have long been surprised: these Russians have a video camera in each car, a complete reality show. Meanwhile, the DVR is often the only way to prove innocence in an accident, to fix the robber or vandal. In general, quite a necessary thing. “TRILLIONSTECH” figured out how to choose DVRs in 2019, what you should pay attention to, and collected the top 10 devices in this segment.


  • How to choose a DVR
Recorders vary in price, quality, and several additional functions built into them, for example, a Wi-Fi module, a radar detector or a night mode. The variety is so extensive that buying a good gadget can turn into a multi-day meal of choice. To find a suitable recorder, you need to take into account many factors. “KP” highlighted the most important.
  • Price
DVR can cost like a thousand, and 20 thousand rubles and the high cost is not always a guarantee of reliability and versatility. Most often, the more expensive the DVR is, the better the image quality and the larger the battery capacity. On the other hand, many recorders are used with a permanently connected power supply, so battery capacity may not be so important.
  • Matrix resolution
The main criterion for choosing a DVR. The quality of shooting directly depends on it, and, therefore, whether the numbers of the intruder’s car will be visible. For the video to be completely clear and in Full HD format, a matrix with a resolution of 2.1 megapixels is enough (1920×1080). Today’s HD resolution can already be called obsolete, but it is still used on budget models. You can view the captured video both on the recorder itself and on a computer or smartphone by inserting a memory card into them.
  • Design
DVRs are of three types. In standalone cameras, the screen and the control unit are assembled in one case. Such recorders are the most simple and inexpensive. In the modular parts are separated from each other so that the camera can be hidden. The third view is built into the rearview mirror. They cannot be used outside the car.
  • Viewing angle
If the viewing angle is large, the recording will get more of the surrounding landscape. The standard angle is 120 degrees horizontally or 145 degrees diagonally. It is important not to forget that when the angle is too large, the device can distort the image, making it very rounded.
  • Display
The screen can be built into the body of the DVR, can be removable or foldable, so as not to interfere with the driver. Its dimensions rarely exceed 7 cm diagonally, so touch screens are a useless luxury. There is also a small number of models without a screen.
  • Nutrition
DVRs receive power from the onboard network, being always connected to the cigarette lighter or outlet. At the same time, many DVRs have batteries that can operate autonomously for up to 8 hours. The battery can be useful if you want to monitor when the car is parked or after an accident in which the electrician of the car can be damaged.
  • Memory
Autoregistrars use standard SD or microSD memory cards, so transferring videos to a computer or smartphone is easy. It is important to consider the class of the SD card, that is, the data transfer rate. Choose a card for the DVR should be with a class of at least 4 (maximum – 10). If you use cards 1-3 classes for recording in Full HD, the video will turn out intermittent.
  • The brand
There are more than a hundred brands of DVRs, and often models from different manufacturers may coincide. Popular are Chinese companies whose devices demonstrate reliability, for example, Anytek AT66a (about 4,000 rubles). Russian companies Datacam and AdvoCam are developing top quality recorders. Supra, Neoline, and Artway offer a wide variety of DVRs from cheap to the premium segment.
  • Additional functions
These include a motion detector that automatically records video when moving in the frame and is able to fix the offender in the parking lot; GPS module that stores the coordinates; built-in night mode, while not necessarily with infrared illumination, which often turns out to be ineffective; audible signals that will not let you fall asleep at the wheel; radar detector, warning of the camera speed control. Also, there are so-called “hybrid” DVRs that perform several functions at once. For example, universal “sports recorders,” which play the role of a car DVR, and an action camera. They can be mounted on bicycles, helmets and other surfaces.

Top 10 Best DVRs in 2019, according to “TRILLIONSTECH.”

[caption id="attachment_3014" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Best DVRs in 2019 1 - TOP 10 BEST DVRs IN 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Best DVRs in 2019[/caption] To facilitate the selection of a registrar, we based on these parameters made a rating of 10 devices that will become the best choice for buyers in 2019.
  • #1. Roadgid x7 Gibrid GT (average price is 11,450 rubles)
The gadget of the domestic brand Roadgid X7 is ideally adapted for Russian operating conditions, which include very low temperatures and bad roads.
  • Key features:
records video in SuperFull HD format, – signature radar detector – supports micro SD memory cards up to 128 GB, – bright HD display, – integrated GPS and Glonass modules for precise positioning, – 170 ° viewing angle diagonal. The optimal model for the price and set of functions, which has one important advantage – a signature radar antenna is used. Therefore, false alarms of the radar detector are practically excluded. Also, it removes Roadgid X7 better than its expensive counterparts – the maximum recording resolution of 2304×1296 pixels. There is a set of additional functions, notifying about the exit from the lane or the beginning of traffic in a traffic jam.
  • Pros:
– Two devices in one case for the price of a good DVR, – clear night shooting, – simple installation and removal of the device, – adaptability to domestic conditions and temperature conditions.
  • Cons:
– lack of Wi-Fi.
  • #2. TrendVision TDR-719 (average price of 9,000 rubles.)
Very easy to manage DVR with a large number of positive reviews.
  • Key features:
– Records video with high-resolution Super HD, – microSD up to 256 GB, – powerful Ambarella A7LA50 processor, – motion detection, – external battery. Reliable domestic DVR with a high-quality processor. In this gadget, you can be 100% sure – it will not let you down.
  • Pros:
– touch screen, – wide viewing angle (160 ° diagonal), – two slots for memory cards.
  • Cons:
– poor equipment.
  • #3. Roadgid CityGo (average price is 7,450 rubles)
Video recorder with Wi-FI and a second camera with a large number of positive reviews.
  • Main features:
– video recording in resolution of 2880 * 2160 or 1920 * 1080 60 fps, – rear view camera with parking assistant (optional), – camera alerts, – Wi-Fi for accessing video records and DVR settings via a smartphone. Another new product from Roadgid is equipped with a powerful Novatek 96660 processor. This allows you to shoot in high resolution and connect a rear-view camera. CityGo notifies the driver about approaching the traffic control cameras by the built-in base. Nice things are taken into account, for example, in the power adapter there is a second USB connector that can be used to charge the smartphone.
  • Pros:
Video quality, – built-in Wi-FI, – two cameras, – compact size, – swivel mount, – equipment with USB charging and mounting kit.
  • Minuses:
the second camera requires laying wires through the cabin, – mounting only on the suction cup.
  • #4. ATLAS-2 CARRIAGE (average price is 6 000 rub . )
A multifunctional device that combines a DVR and GPS-navigator.
  • Main features:
5-inch touchscreen display, – Full HD video recording, – 800 mAh battery (up to 30 minutes of battery life), – GLONASS support, – micro SD up to 128 GB. KARKAM is difficult to call a DVR, as it works on the Android system, and it even has a built-in SIM card, Bluetooth, 3G, and 8 GB internal memory. Can easily perform tablet functions.
  • Pros:
– The presence of “Yandex.Navigator”, – the possibility of broadcasting music, – low price for such multi-functionality, – a severe case. Cons:a small viewing angle (120 °), – a complex mount.
  • #5. Playme UNI (average price is 8 000 rub . )
Stylish DVR with the original design.
  • Key features
Record video in Full HD format, – Wi-Fi, – microSD up to 64 GB, – Motion detector, – GPS module. Playme UNI impresses with its high-quality and compact case, constantly updated firmware and very attractive appearance.
  • Pros:
very convenient magnetic mount, – good viewing angle (150 °),
  • Cons:
the case often gets dirty
  • #6. BlackVue DR650S-1CH (average price 20 000 rubs. )
Perfect image quality with stunning detail.
  • Key features:
– Record video in Full HD format, – microSD up to 128 GB, – Wi-Fi, – Motion detector, – Voice prompts, – GPS. The best recorder that supports parking mode, which will help protect the car from intruders.
  • Pros:
quality of the case, – voice prompts.
  • Cons:
no external battery, – no screen.
Best DVRs in 2019
  • #7. ParkCity DVR HD 900 (average price 10 000 rubs. )
Multifunctional DVR, built-in rearview mirror. Due to this, and convenient – no other devices on the windshield.
  • Key Features:
records video in Full HD format, – 3G mobile Internet is available, – GPS module, – microSD up to 32 GB. The DVR is especially suitable for those who like to talk in the car on the phone, as you can answer calls on the speakerphone.
  • Pros:
– Two cameras, – built into the rearview mirror, – The presence of Yandex.Navigator, – Bluetooth hands-free device, – excellent recording quality.
  • Minuses:
translation errors, – raw firmware, – a small viewing angle of the rear camera.
  • #8. Dunobil Chrom Duo (the average price of 5300 rubles . )
Classic DVR with a standard set of functions.
  • Key Features:
Record video in Full HD format, – microSD up to 32 GB, – External battery, – Motion detector. A simple and budget DVR with the most basic set of functions, without unnecessary “bells and whistles.” Ideal for those looking for an ordinary DVR.
  • Pros:
– large viewing angle, – simplicity in the menu, – Two cameras.
  • Minuses:
– low quality of the rear camera recording, – not very good mount.
  • #9. Neoline X-Cop 9000c (average price of 9,000 rubles . )
  • Key Features:
Record video in Full HD format, – microSD up to 32 GB, – Motion detector, – External battery, – GPS module, – Radar Detector. Well suited to those who monitor the speed limit, as the Neoline stores a large base of police radars so that the DVR can detect all known devices.
  • Pros :
– good quality shooting day, – voice prompts.
  • Cons:
not very convenient mount, tight bracket.
  • #10. Intego VX-295 (the average price of 2000 rubles . )
The most budget DVR with a minimum set of functions.
  • Main features:
– HD video recording, – microSD up to 32 GB, – external battery, – motion detection. Unlike similar cheap DVRs, Intego pleasantly surprises with its design and quality of shooting. For our users that are looking for the most simple and cheapest, but at the same time a good and reliable DVR.
  • Pros:
screen availability, – low price, – small dimensions.
  • Cons:

Conclusion On TOP 10 Best DVRs in 2019 AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

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