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Best TVs 55 Inch– 55-inch TV remains one of the most sought-after “giants” on the market due to the balance of size and diagonal. How to choose a TV 55 inches.


Rating of the top 10 according to the version of “TRILLIONSTECHNG.”
  • #1. LG 55UK6200 (average price of 39.3 thousand rubles)
A relatively affordable option for branded TV from LG. 55-inch IPS-matrix has a 4K resolution but can update the image only 50 Hz. Also, some users are faced with light at the edges of the display on a black background. There is also a smart TV on the LG webOS proprietary platform, which greatly expands the functionality of the TV with third-party applications. However, based on the same experience, 4K-content can slightly reduce the speed of the TV. But there is a 55UK6200 dual-band Wi-Fi, which will significantly increase the speed and stability of the wireless Internet in the presence of a 5 GHz router. + Low price in the classroom with its characteristics + Advanced smart TV – Matrix lights are possible
  • #2. Philips 55PUS6262 (average price of 44.5 thousand rubles
55-inch model from the Dutch-Chinese Philips. The TV uses an IPS-screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and support for technology Local Dimming, which makes the black color in part of the screen deeper. But a unique feature of the 55PUS6262 is the presence of Ambilight. This forgotten option was fashionable at the end of the zero when the dynamic color lights on the edges of the case created the effect of an enlarged screen. The TV has a smart TV called Saphi TV. This system uses only Philips. This system supports several applications, including YouTube, and has difficulty reading some formats. Also, the smart TV interface can slow down. But there is a good sound and convenient remote control. + 4K with black gain technology + Ambilight backlight – Smart TV in this model – “for the show.”
  • #3. Sony KD-55XF7005 (average price is 58.9 thousand rubles)
Model Japanese TV manufacturer 2018 model year. The 55-inch IPS panel has a 4K resolution and is capable of playing video in an enhanced dynamic display of HDR 10 tones. Also, the display has a high brightness of 350 cd / m2 and a contrast ratio of 3300: 1. An expensive model could not do without smart TV – here it works on Linux. You will not find many applications in the store, but everything you need is there, and many will appreciate the work without brakes and friezes. In the merits of the KD-55XF7005, we will write down a small weight – only 16 kg for 55 inches. However, it didn’t do without nuances – the sound of 20 W is frankly weak for such a large TV, and the absence of USB 3.0 connectors on the modern model looks like a saving. + Excellent IPS-matrix + High-quality smart TV platform – Weak sound
  • #4. TCL L55P65US (average price is 36 thousand rubles)
Large Chinese TV from a well-known manufacturer of household appliances may be interested not only for its price. Firstly, the screen here is an honest IPS-matrix with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and good color reproduction. however, there are two nuances – a small brightness of 270 cd / m2 and not a wide viewing angle. TCL L55P65US has a smart TV, which is not surprising for this class of devices. It is based on Linux with its shell manufacturer. All the functionality works stably, but you will have to look for the necessary software, and not always, these searches will lead to a positive result. What does not like is the presence of only two HDMI ports and a single USB. + Affordable price + High stability – Few wired ports – Someone will not like the smart TV platform
  • #5. Hyundai H-LED55U601BS2S (average price is 36 thousand rubles)
55-inch TV from the manufacturer, which the Russians are best known for cars. The model came out quite recently and had all the attributes of a large modern TV. So, it uses an LCD screen (the manufacturer does not talk about using IPS) with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a brightness of 280 cd / m2. But there is a problem with this model, which occurs in some instances. The protective coating and frame are loosely attached to the display, which causes dust to appear on the matrix. With such a defect, we recommend immediately contact the warranty service. Smart TV on the TV is and even works on the Android OS. But, as often happens with inexpensive models, the manufacturer has equipped it with a weak platform with a small amount of internal memory, so you should expect brakes and a constant lack of space for programs. Otherwise, there is a loud sound + One of the lowest prices for a 55-inch TV + Many ports – Poor smart-TV performance – Marriage occurs
  • #7. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 Curved (average price of 42 thousand rubles)
Without products Xiaomi in 2019, nowhere, so that in our top hit the TV from the Chinese company. Mi TV 4S 55 Curved is not an ordinary TV – it uses a curved screen. For IPS-matrix is ​​a rarity, this is more common on models with OLED-displays. The display resolution here is 4K; the refresh rate is 50 Hz and support for HDR 10. Smart TV is advanced here, based on Android with the original MIUI shell. But there is specificity – the TV does not have Russification, and for flashing to at least English, the user must understand many subtleties. There is another problem – the built-in digital tuner does not support DVB-T2 TV broadcasting, adopted as the standard in Russia. So, for viewing in the “digital” television will have to re-buy the console. But there are many ports, interfaces, and deep sound. + fresh design in its price segment + High-quality screen – Not suitable for those who want a TV on the principle of “turned on and running.”
  • #8. Kivi 55UR50GR (average price of 39.9 thousand rubles)
The 55-inch model from the Kivi brand, which has recently appeared in Russia, can bribe a buyer with its low price with the stated specifications. So, the TV is a different matrix with a resolution of 4K and very high brightness at 520 cd / m2. The TV has smart TV functionality, based on the Android OS, with all its advantages and the ability to install a lot of software. According to customers, the device works quickly and, for example, turns on in 7 seconds. The TV has a whole scattering of ports and interfaces: three HDMI, two USB, wired Internet RJ-45, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11n. + Low price + Ports and interfaces for every taste – Little-known brand, little data on quality and support
  • #9. HARPER 55U750TS (average price is 28.9 thousand rubles)
It happened that it is One of the cheapest TV with 4K on the Russian market from a little-known company from Taiwan. The 55-inch matrix has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a brightness of 300 cd / m2 and a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The manufacturer did not philosophize and installed as a smart TV shell on Android. However, the TV saved on computing power and the same YouTube picture in 4K frankly slows down. + A record low price for a 55-inch TV + High-quality matrix – Low performance
  • #10. Panasonic TX-55FXR740 (average price is 79.9 thousand rubles)
Another expensive “Japanese” in the ranking. Fifty-five inches, 4K, IPS-matrix – a standard set for a large TV in 2019. So what is the overpayment twice as compared to budget devices? This is, firstly, the quality of workmanship. In TX-55FXR740 there are no highlights, and the color rendition is almost referenced for the LCD-display. Secondly, it uses the Local technology Dimming, which somewhat brings the black color to the OLED-panels. The design of Panasonic is distinguished by strict lines and is made at a high level. However, like everything else – smart TV, great remote control, voice control, and a lot of connectors. + Great picture with Panasonic image processing algorithms + Everything you need for modern TV – The picture refresh rate is only 50 Hz
  • How to choose a 55 inch TV
TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches remain the most popular large TV-size. And this is justified, because everything that is more is indecently expensive, and less is inconvenient in large rooms. How to choose a new TV 55 inches?
  • Price
In the modern Russian market, buying the best 55-inch TV 2019 is cheaper than 29-30 thousand rubles. And it is better to lay the budget of 30-40 thousand rubles immediately. For this money, you can get a good model even from a well-known brand, with which you will not feel deprived. More advanced TVs with LCD-screens that flaunt a scattering of ports and proprietary image processing technologies should be found in the range of 50-80 thousand. But OLED-screen, you can get at a price tag of 90-100 thousand.
  • Display
Interesting, but the displays of all the best TVs 55 inch 2019 have the same resolution – 4K or 3840×2160 pixels. The thing is that the TV of such a large diagonal will be viewed at a great distance, and therefore the increased resolution is justified here. In this segment, the manufacturing technology of the matrix is ​​important. There are two main options – LCD and OLED. The first is the well-known liquid crystal screens, which have only greatly advanced in quality. So, IPS-matrices provide good color and viewing angle up to 180 degrees. OLED screens have replaced the “plasma,” so popular in the zero. Its main advantages – excellent brightness and true black color, achieved by turning off the pixels that are responsible for it in the picture. But there is technology and disadvantages – burnout with long-term static image and flicker.
  • Smart TV
Most of the top 55 inches 2019 TVs are now getting a smart TV. There are a lot of platforms that have provided a TV with “mind,” but not all of them are equivalent. It is believed that the most flexible in terms of installing third-party software is Android in its adapted form for a non-touch screen. But with management and optimization, there are often problems. Large manufacturers prefer to use proprietary platforms; for example, LG has webOS Smart TV.
  • Interfaces
The presence of a smart TV in each of the best TV 55 inches of 2019 automatically means that they have wired and wireless Internet connections. But the rest of the differences begin. For example, some manufacturers refuse to 3.5-mm audio jack, which is extremely inconvenient for users who have the acoustics for it. Or, you can encounter models with two HDMI and one USB, which is very small, especially if you are going to connect a set-top box, audio system, and drives to a new TV. It is worth paying attention to the location of the ports. This will greatly simplify life during installation and connection.
  • Installation and fastening
For a better 55 inch 2019 TV, it’s important how it is installed. Fixing on a horizontal surface depends on the complete stand, its design, and rigidity. If it is flimsy, this can lead to the panel tipping over. TV, which is declared in the characteristics of the standard VESA, it can be hung on vertical ceiling structures, which can be rotated in two planes. Otherwise, the TV can only be mounted on a plane. By the way, when installing on a vertical plane, you need to consider whether ports will be available for connection. Related Topics: MAC PRO 2019: REVIEW, FEATURES, AND PRICE IN RUSSIA. LG V40 SMARTPHONE: RELEASE DATE AND SPECS SONY XPERIA 2, XA3, XPERIA Z PURENESS, XPERIA XZ3: RELEASE DATE AND FEATURES

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