Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper


There are many reasons you may want to buy your domain name as soon as your company is ready. Or when you conceive the thought of building a website irrespective of whether you are looking at a personal or business website.  Some time the catchy phrase or name you just came up with that was available in the morning, might be taken in the evening.

It could either be just taken, meaning some else has purchased it or become a premium domain.

buy domain - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

When its premium, it means someone already purchased it and now selling it for top dollar. He/she might have purchased it for $1 or $10 dollars but the price might now be $10,000 to some time $200,000 for just the domain.

buy domain 1 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

buy domain 2 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

The point is, once you have found that domain name you want to use for your website, we advise you purchase it immediately. That is not going to affect your budget in any way.

Purchasing a Damian Name For One Dollar

The best place to purchase a domain for a dollar is at www.godaddy.com. This company is known mainly for domain name purchases. Though they have hosting packages, My advise is you stay away from their hosting package as much as you can. But if you are just setting up a website that will not command much traffic you can use them.

Having said that, what you want to do is simply type “godaddy one dollar domain” on google.com.

buy domain 3 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

That will automatically display Godaddy advert that runs 247 through out the year on Google. Click that and you will be redirected to Godaddy page where you can conduct a search for your chosen domain to see whether it’s available or someone else already thought of the name and purchased it.

buy domain 4 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

Hitting the search button can be a big deal for some people, but there should be no such thing as you can easily change the name if your first choice is not available. If your chosen name is available for registration, you will get a congratulatory message as shown below.

buy domain 6 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

Making Payment For Your Domain

After you name comes through, you need to follow the simple steps and register the domain in the following order.

Add Domain to Cart

Click on add to cart or continue to cart. This will take you to a page where the default domain years you are purchasing will change to two years. Depending on your budget, you can simply click the drop down and change it back to one year to buy at $1. If you don’t, you would have to pay $10 for two years.

buy domain 7 - Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names Ten Times Cheaper

Create a Godaddy Account

To purchase a domain from any domain registry online, you need to open an account. All you need is your personal information and your email. Open an account or login if you already have an account.

Enter Your Billing Address

After you have created your account you will be redirected to where you would enter your billing address. If you don’t know, your billing address is the address used in opening the account that your credit or debit card is attached to. When you have done that, you will then enter your credit/debit card details. This include the name on the card, card number, expiry date and 3 digit secret code at the back of the card.

Complete Your Purchase

After entering your card details and saving them, you will then confirm your order, your card is debited a dollar and seventeen cent and your purchase receipt emailed to your personal email address. If you already have a Paypal account, there is an option to use Paypal instead of your credit/debit card. If you opt for that, you would be redirected to paypal.com where you would have to login and authorize the payment to complete the transaction.

Final Word

Once you have you domain, the next most important thing is start your website design. You can take your time and learn web design online free of charge. After that you effect design yourself as you want it.

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